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  1. I really miss jj... he has relatives playing last I heard tho
  2. This looks to be a great game!!!! Will this game be on NFHS? I wouldn't mind watching it..
  3. Timbo u going let them score that much.. maybe 14.. 42-14
  4. This topic is dead before it started.... who watched them saints today..boy what a blow out... who dat!!
  5. Anyone have stats for our young qb? I'm just curious.... we get out of our district hope he will be able to toss the ball on that option.. he won't be able to keep it like that once we play tougher opponents..
  6. They are good an exciting to watch.. I look for them to win state..
  7. sa new coach canceled a game on us ... not really beef just had to find a new game.. but sa fans will act like that's not what happened so idk..
  8. Yall will be way better ..no beef.. ??
  9. Good job franklin.. yalls runners are tough as can be.. stay healthy
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