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  1. We have not had problems until this game either. Calling ours the N word not cool. So Hmmmmmm.
  2. I think that is what Mavchamp was saying but Matt thinks it was all Mavericks. Some people have rose colored glasses.
  3. Poteet has an ex Marshall Maverick as one of their coaches. Jason Wright played during Coach Parker's era and he now now a coach at Poteet.
  4. We had a great season from what we were several years ago. At least we still have a program. There was no out classed. I am sorry I do not think you know what you are talking about. I believe if you will go back and look at all the post, the Mav fans never claimed they were going to beat anyone. All we have done this year is be thankful for ever win after the past several years. I really do not think any Mav Fan said on this site one thing about referees in this game. We were out played and will venture to say there is no one in our district or 16 5A that could stay on the field with these
  5. We are nice most of the time until someone ruffles our feathers or maybe I should say bends our horns.
  6. Statements like that after the out come of the game makes people look kinda silly. Doesn't it?
  7. How would you know what would have happen. No, we were not the same the same team we were the last two years. Alot of the same players, but not the same results. We went from 1-9 to 9-1 in those three years. Think that is a little difference. You nor I will ever know, but how did the Tigers playing D-1 District Champion in first round go for you?
  8. I am sorry I do not agree with this. I did not attend the game because of the weather and everyone but a few of the Texarkana fan base said the field and conditions were really bad because of the rain. Like I said I was not there but would have liked for the game to have been moved but some did not want to move the game.
  9. i agree and it is usually the same person about the same thing over and over. It is over and in the past. Would Could and Should.
  10. You are correct Real Mavfan. He has done a wonderful job.
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