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  1. Updated: What's In Your CD Player?

    a classic mix CD with Ted Nugent,stevie ray vaughn,the beatles, a little elvis, some lil wayne and some joe walsh, none of you can hang
  2. Man jailed for not supporting someone else's child

    F the Law, dont trust anyone but god, thats my motto......the system is so throwed off, yepp lemme hear from all yall
  3. British Open Updates

    yeah good stuff, unlucky hop on the 18th, the golf gods had something to do with that
  4. British Open Updates

    that was some amazing stuff by watson today, almost brought a tear to tha eye
  5. Terrorist Leader Threatens to Sue Bruno Movie

    the actor is gay, borat was a little to gay for me, the only thing funny this guy does is ALI G INDAHOUSE
  6. Can Lance Win for the 8th Time ?

    i say he finishes 2nd or 3rd, hes old but hes still good but the roids wont help him win this time cuz hes clean hahahahaha
  7. The Hangover

    public enemy was horrible, it is pretty much a date movie, too many love scenes, and the hangover was hilerious, but dont waste your mula on PE
  8. Innocent or guilty

    looks like he has bottle caps for ear rings
  9. Anthony Kim

    he has a great swing, top 5 for sure, but he just doesnt know how to score sometimes, but when he does he wins
  10. U.S. Open

    congratz to glover, but phil was roaring the crowds today...that was a pretty good final round, lots of drama
  11. mexico or crazy

    cabo all the way....
  12. So what is the chance of this happening in Texas

    theres too many homos now-a-days....come around east texas they get shot in our parts
  13. IM BACK!

    my game finnally came around again, shooting high 60's and low 70's again....about to join the Adams Tight Lies Tour!!!!
  14. Orlando V.S. Cleveland

    yall are ####, magic is just hot right now, the flame is about to run out for them, cleveland has just won the series last night
  15. Best golf course in East Texas and one overall.

    1.pine dunes 2.eagles bluff 3.twin lakes