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  1. Here you go, folks... https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-oregon-6f7f919d27644d02c330da5a8648af95
  2. Oh, no, no, no...this isn't about Trump... James O'Keefe from Project Veritas released video that showed CNN's tech director admitting they were actively working (via propaganda) to get Trump out of office. All O'Keefe did was expose the footage. And he got banned from Twitter for it, even though he did nothing wrong, according to him.
  3. He's gonna have to start singing this:
  4. Well, if O'Keefe simply showed the video, and the guy in the video is telling the truth, should O'Keefe be banned? That's his allegation. "All we did is show the video." I haven't been keeping track of it much, but if he "let the video speak for itself", is that a reason to ban him?
  5. Maybe. But should he have been suspended if he was telling the truth?
  6. Well, looks like the band is breaking up...so there won't be anymore "Iced Earth"...so there won't be anymore songs like this one...which is too bad because it's a good tune!
  7. Iced Earth was a pretty good Power Metal band, too.
  8. I might have to look up the whole law and see what it says. Probably some stuff in there I wouldn't like, too.
  9. Babylon Bee with a "Twilight Zone" parody of the episode "It's A Good Life"
  10. Yeah, I get your point. Those guys for sure didn't know Mr. Arbury's criminal record.
  11. I would guess a couple of things. If the police have already run the id/whatever info, they may know. If they haven't, that's a different story. I would assume the guys in the Arbury case didn't know anything about whether or not he had a criminal record. The others I cannot comment on with any authority because I have no real information about who knew what, and when.
  12. Sound, civil debate is what our country is supposed to be founded on. You've made me defend positions from time to time. As long as we do it in a civil manner, I'm cool. Might give us a better understanding of each other.
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