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  1. This should be a bipartisan no-brainer. Write your rep and demand they introduce and pass it. Though I think I'd make a couple of changes to it... https://anticorruptionact.org/ And here's more...
  2. Anyone care to refute this?
  3. We need "Grandma" now more than ever...so vote "Grandma" 2020...
  4. Are YOU a real American, brother?!
  5. Think about this... around the 4 minute mark (slightly before that) he talks about how "the left" now says all these crazy things (such as being on time somewhere) are "white supremacy" things.
  6. I hope you're as concerned about a President lying the next time a Democrat is in the White House. Are you OK with the current crop of Democratic candidates and their deceptions?
  7. Interesting that those most likely to rail against Separation of Church and State sure like to use them for politics and campaigning. A lot of the same ones whose party "booed God" at their convention in 2016.
  8. I've pointed this out to people before. The response is usually something along the lines of "That's different."
  9. Climate Crisis Solved By New Jet That Runs On Liberal Hypocrisy https://babylonbee.com/news/climate-crisis-solved-by-new-jet-that-runs-on-liberal-hypocrisy Bernie Sanders Confused By New Hampshire State Motto 'Live Free Or Die' — 'Both Of Those Options Sound Horrible' https://babylonbee.com/news/bernie-sanders-confused-by-new-hampshire-state-motto-live-free-or-die--both-of-those-options-sound-horrible
  10. Why can't the man make a choice, too? If the woman decides to keep a baby that the man doesn't want, why is he forced (by law) to pay for it? Shouldn't he be able to "choose" not to? It's a theoretical question, of course.
  11. Did you watch the video? He said that women's views change...not men's. I don't have to worry about it, though. I've been married almost 15 years, still going strong.
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