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  1. Got our scrimmages filled, but we are still looking for a Varsity and JV match on February 18th as well as a tournament for February 20-22! Thank you
  2. Looking for scrimmages on February 7th and 11th, need a game on Februaru 18th, and looking for a tournament to attend February 20-22. and nbsp; You can contact Matthew Quick at [email protected] or call 409-787-3371. You can also contact Vance Vickers at [email protected] or text 936-635-8628.
  3. And I never said SA would not win. I fully expect the wolves to dominate the game. My comment was aimed at the fact that you are completely disregarding a program that plays some of the most physical football year after year. After four quarters of football a healthy Garrison team can physically beat you up and that could be more damaging to SA than anything else in the first round! Good luck, hope y’all have a great game!
  4. You can always count on wolf boy for ignorant comments. Of course it matters if you are healthy. SA’s biggest concern is health right now. If they can stay healthy then they can make a run. If they play a healthy Garrison team SA stands a much better chance of being banged up at the end, which translates to less likely to make a run!
  5. Hemphill likes to throw that 3-4 yard pass backwards to the RBs!:)
  6. Hemphill picks off deep pass and returns to the 50.
  7. Buna game should have been a blow out by the Hornets. Sloppy game all around with a lot of penalties. Hemphill has the potential to be tough if they can put together a sound game. SA is good enough without helping them out.
  8. Winnable game. Just too many mistakes. SA has a good squad. Good luck this season.
  9. Check the post. My first comment was after yours. Reason never was a strong point for you though.
  10. Look who shows up when they get a lead!
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