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  1. They ain’t waiting, they just haven’t searched for you around town to hand you the new schedule. You ain’t as important as you think you are in Crocket, TX.
  2. Let’s be honest, G’View was super unhealthy for that game and they couldn’t tackle the Wilson kid on special teams. Whitney is not a threat.
  3. Ok so G’View was missing a corner for the state game. My bad.
  4. By saying no hump for me, that suggests that I’m not affiliated with the program. Stick to docks and decks bro.
  5. That wasn’t just a “terrible” district. Winnsboro was pretty good and E-Wood used to have some really good QBs. But you win. All hail Tatum.
  6. Well I would hope Tatum would make the playoffs in a district that requires you to have less than 250 students when Tatum fields close to 500. Nice comparison. Whose reaching?
  7. Ahhhhh, you’re a new generation parent. You make excuses for your kids every shortcoming. Maybe that’s what is wrong with Tatum? You can’t pick your district bro, they played who the UIL put in front of them.
  8. You don’t comprehend well, even with your admin background. Driskell’s first season at malakoff, he made the playoffs. With a less talented team than the current Tatum one.
  9. Y’all? No hump for me or the Malakoff program. When you enjoy success every year, you’ve made. Everyone with any sense knows that winning it all takes a little bit of luck.
  10. Umm first season became a playoff team. Does that count? Again, Tatum always has freshmen and sophs since Andy left. And oh look at their track times.
  11. They didn’t have an off-season because their administration keeps running coaches off. Don’t be Eagleborns little brother. These dudes are all bark. Going to take Andy to turn them around.
  12. State semis and state finalists in a 3 yr stretch is decent for a team that was 1-19 before Driskell got there. Tatums go-to move, compare their past success. Thought you would banter with me a little linger before you brought that out. You should go check your always. I bet there’s an elem kid that needs their shoes tied.
  13. I heard that statement 2 yrs ago as well. Always freshmen and sophs in Tatum.
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