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  1. Pretty bad for Sville, but this is a new year, no one is hurt this time!!
  2. Woofman don't get to cocky we are watching you...
  3. Good game, I think Sville takes off in 2nd half...
  4. Where you a born Dragon hater ?? Dam they are just kids ?
  5. Was it a on the field injury? I was at the game and it was said he tripped on the sidelines ?
  6. This is not the same team that started the season , well maybe next year??
  7. Nobody cares what you think of them...I'll say it straight to your face if you want me too! If ferguson did to my kids like he did the SA player or the WS player there will be problems and I can assure you that he would not think about doing it again! Lol @ wolf puppy
  8. Who takes this one ???? Sville has some starters that are not 100%
  9. I think Retamar should transfer to Sville, along with Belrose, what's the going price on a running back these days??
  10. SAwolfman were you in the stands or on the sideline Friday night???
  11. One on each side....switch at halftime
  12. Any thoughts how this will go, Sville has some starters injured???
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