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  1. Did the refs cause five turnovers and a blocked punt against Pewitt? Dis the refs cause three onside kicks not to be handled against Chisum?
  2. Magic! The Bears managed to magically disappear in the second half of the season for the last two years.
  3. Patriots in a huge upset! Welcome back!
  4. The way I see it is: A Hooks win would probably put three teams at 1 loss forcing points to be used as a tie-breaker. Assuming the district uses a 17 point maximum. As of right now, DF is +17, Hooks is -1, PP is -16. Therefore Hooks would have to beat DF by at least 17 to get #1 seed, a Hornet win of 1 to 16 points would get them 2nd seed. I could be incorrect on all of this, just going on previous tie-breaker's.
  5. Makes you wonder if 50% capacity will go away about November 12th or so.
  6. Going with: DK by 2 DF by 41 Hooks by 4
  7. If he has met all of the eligibility requirements, hope he is allowed to play!
  8. Bears come in at 6-1 (2-1), Brahmas at 3-2 (2-0), both coming off convincing wins.
  9. Although Lions are Roody Poo as usual and have already gotten their annual win, I cast my vote for them.
  10. Gut feeling says Patriots will shock the Tigers! (Of course that gut feeling may be the meat pie I ate this morning)
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