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  1. They loose the running back. He is special. Just about everyone else is back. They will be a different type of team without Ashton. He ran for over 3000 yards this year
  2. Lampasas will need to get better in the secondary. I was at the Needville game. We were able to throw for 336 yards against them. Now that offense, we had no answer
  3. I do not post very often but this caught my eye. I do not know much about Chapel Hill but am guessing these improvements are needed. Will the community support a bond to pay for this if new board members are elected.
  4. El Campo is largely a running grind it out team in the fall. They do have talent at the skills position. Mostly known for their large linemen and good running backs
  5. El Campo has another running back also, when Dove needs a break he comes in. I am from the Houston area and we played them this year. Their running game is impressive.
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