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  1. Sorry I have no dog in this but you bring up John King constantly. Has he done something to you. Not causing trouble, just curious
  2. I am the math coach for our school's academic team. For the last few years Argyle has won state. Usually by a lot. They are very impressive
  3. The Mart Windthotst game is on direct TV right now
  4. This game sounding like the Needville game. We are able to go up and down the field the first half, then the defense totally shut us down the second half. Congrats on the win. Good luck playing for the championship
  5. Congrats to Lindale. Really fun game to watch. That was a special game Jordan Jenkins had. I my opinion the reason you won was the defense getting stops in the second half this allowing Jenkins to do his thing. We couldn't stop him. Good luck to you guys. Your team and fans are good people
  6. Congrats Lindale. Your defense stepped up the second half. Good luck the rest of the way
  7. We got knocked out by Lampasas last year. Ace Whitehead is legit legit legit. We never really stopped them
  8. Impressive win by the Bulldogs. El Campo is good. Great job by the coaches and team. Congrats. Good luck the rest of the way. Think regional final
  9. Stafford has a pretty good defense. Their offense is kind of generic.
  10. Absolutely. This will be a great game. In my opinion one of the games of the weekend. El Campo's running backs are no joke. This is a 4th round game in the second round. Its a shame one of these teams will be done in the second round.
  11. Lindale should be favorite but Needville has a punchers chance. For the person who commented on El Campo starting basketball after next week, maybe not. They are pretty darn good
  12. Definitely keep an eye on El Campo. They have really good young skill guys.
  13. They loose the running back. He is special. Just about everyone else is back. They will be a different type of team without Ashton. He ran for over 3000 yards this year
  14. Lampasas will need to get better in the secondary. I was at the Needville game. We were able to throw for 336 yards against them. Now that offense, we had no answer
  15. I do not post very often but this caught my eye. I do not know much about Chapel Hill but am guessing these improvements are needed. Will the community support a bond to pay for this if new board members are elected.
  16. El Campo is largely a running grind it out team in the fall. They do have talent at the skills position. Mostly known for their large linemen and good running backs
  17. El Campo has another running back also, when Dove needs a break he comes in. I am from the Houston area and we played them this year. Their running game is impressive.
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