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  1. Ya'll ghave to get there ! lol jk I expect nothing less
  2. He is a sophomore this year but we are good at QB for 2020. Current QB Drake is a senior in 2020. I think after Ennis wins the next 2 vs Aledo it will be considered a rivalry. Rank, well we have Waxahachie of course #1 rivalry, over 100 games in the books and never missed a year. Only 12 miles west of Ennis and Corsicana but we have room for Aledo
  3. Ok, let's just say it is pro Aledo. Doesn't matter it was overtime and Ennis learned their lesson. The reason Harrell did not go for it is a calculated decision and it did not workout. The 2pt conversion formations had been used during the year and he felt overtime was his best shot. Can't get them all correct but it won't happen again. All good. I do hope we meet again ....as soon as possible
  4. Well that is an Aledo highlight film. I have one that is all Ennis. Now that we know the result Ennis should have gone for 2pts and just ended it. I do like the decision to get that 1 pt and send it into overtime though. Just did not work out .....That time
  5. So they are playing 4 weeks later than scheduled. So what. We have a season. Great news !
  6. Probably not but if not we still have 21-25. 20 was just the beginning
  7. I know , We don't care . We don't play for love. It actually motivates us. And agree I just want them to play also
  8. lol Does that make Aledo feel better ? On paper maybe. We won't play the game on paper. Matt Stepp has always had s stick in his azz about Ennis. We don't listen to him
  9. Ok , well Aledo is certainly qualified to say that but the next few years belongs to Ennis. We have some good teams coming up. Maybe we can get a rivalry going. That would be fun.
  10. They can risk death driving to school , sooooo
  11. I watched both games also and I stick with my statement " No way Cooper beat Ennis " 2019 is over and we will see what happens in the future. We have to get this season going first
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