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  1. Boy this one dried up faster than a puddle after an East Texas summer rain storm.
  2. 3rd straight year SA and Garrison have played an elimination game. Can SA make it 3 in a row of ending Garrisons season?
  3. Hate to see any group of coaches have to go through this, but Joaquin has some good ones and I think they’ll be OK in the long run and come out better for it.
  4. Go watch Canadian. Perfect example of if you operate the right way you don’t have to have big kids. sure big kids help...but they’d help any offense. A true “spread” and not just a running team in the shotgun is all based on getting rid of the ball quick in the pass game and controlling defenders in gaps in the run game. And then you find the defenders that have double responsibilities and pick on them.
  5. In a good spread offense, you don’t need big linemen.
  6. Grapeland appears to be separating from the pack. It’s wide open after that IMO. Groveton has the high ranking but they haven’t been very convincing. Alto has struggled to finish drives and protect the ball but the defense plays scrappy. Leon is scoring but giving up plenty of points. Centerville looked better last week, but how bad is corrigan? Normangee had an impressive win week 1 and looked to be getting the best of Garrison as well.
  7. I’m thinking Joaquin. Their style of play lends itself better to winning games when teams are close to evenly matched.
  8. Carlisle has the advantage on paper. Alto will have to average more than 3 points a game to get beat a Baker coaches defense.
  9. Timpson in a blowout for the 3rd straight week.
  10. This may be a first. All my time on Smoaky and I haven’t ever known StingEm to be without words.
  11. Starters have been solid for the most part. Bull pen leaving a lot to be desired.
  12. He just seems to be swinging at everything. Thought he had taken some steps last year to improve plate “discipline” but it isn’t good so far.
  13. Gallo has picked back up where he was pre broken hamate bone...other than him...YIKES! Solak generally has good ABs, heineman has been decent so far.
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