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  1. I think so yes. #1 they absolutely dominated the offensive awards and #2 they are way more consistent. They have not laid an egg offensively a single time and they’ve done it against 13 power 5 opponents. No Georgia Southern, Northwestern State and Utah State to pad the stats against.
  2. By no means am I suggesting the Texas offense will be as good as this Bama group...but skill wise, they can still present a lot of problems for defenses. There is a solid group of young guys coming who could do some really good things like Sark has the Bama guys doing. I think the biggest thing for Texas will be can they run the ball consistently. Sark predicates his offense on making you pay with the run game when you play 2 high safeties. And then when you commit to playing a 1 high look, the Smiths and Waddles of the world take over. If Texas can’t run the ball and force defense out of a 2
  3. Here’s the crazy thing...STATISTICALLY speaking, Texas was a really good offense this year (42.7 points/game). Then you dig even just a smidge and realize they never once scored within a TD of their average either way (in regulation I might add). To me, that just confirms what we thought all along, they were extremely inconsistent. What I’m hoping Sarkisian is able to do is provide that consistency. He doesn’t have to replicate Alabama’s 48.2 points/game. He just has to replicate Alabama’s consistency. They were within a TD of their average 8 times and only once did they score more th
  4. In all seriousness, if done right (and I think y’all do a great job at DCTF) this could be really, really good for high school sports in Texas if the UIL will allow it.
  5. Don’t know quite where to put this, but thought it an interesting read. https://footballscoop.com/news/new-investigation-re-examines-baylors-dismissal-of-art-briles/
  6. With all due respect to the tremendous year that Timpson is having...they are about to take on a whole new animal and this one could get ugly. Timpson hasn’t played a single district champion this year, including the playoffs. Timpson also hasn’t played anyone above 2A-D1. In non-district Shiner played 4 games...and won all 4. 1 of those is still playing (3A-D1 Halletsville and their UT commit stud). The other 3? 4A-D2 playoff team Smithville, 3A-D1 playoff team Blanco and 3A-D2 District champion East Bernard. Then in their run to the region 4 title they knocked out 2 teams East Texas ought to
  7. Yea after I posted that I went and did some digging. Looks like there could be some competitive games other than whoever gets EC. Coldspring has played 2 teams from District 10. Lost to Tarkington (who will finish 6th) but then thumped Kirbyville who could possibly grab the 4th seed.
  8. How is the district they match up with looking?
  9. Boy this one dried up faster than a puddle after an East Texas summer rain storm.
  10. 3rd straight year SA and Garrison have played an elimination game. Can SA make it 3 in a row of ending Garrisons season?
  11. Hate to see any group of coaches have to go through this, but Joaquin has some good ones and I think they’ll be OK in the long run and come out better for it.
  12. Go watch Canadian. Perfect example of if you operate the right way you don’t have to have big kids. sure big kids help...but they’d help any offense. A true “spread” and not just a running team in the shotgun is all based on getting rid of the ball quick in the pass game and controlling defenders in gaps in the run game. And then you find the defenders that have double responsibilities and pick on them.
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