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  1. No heard they were gonna keep the other guy as AD and he just coach
  2. Man they must paying him a good amount if he’s just gonna be coaching football
  3. Man gonna #### for them the first game of the yr lol. But I’m all seriousness if I were Johnny I would consider it not having to play PG or Gilmer and with the talent GW is bringing back he would compete in 3a
  4. How will this impact the 2021 recruiting class if most aren’t able to take the ACT and SAT? Will the NCAA exempt them or just lower the score? This will have a huge impact on not just athletes but kids getting into college.
  5. He’s gonna be a stud but I don’t think he had 15 yards against us
  6. Sir they already have a thread for this
  7. I think Atlanta only has maybe 2 or 3 Srs but their best player is a jr
  8. Hahahahahahahaha oh ok enough said
  9. I think he will be fine playing JV rather than move again. He will learn the system and be eligible come basketball season also he will pick up some more offers this spring and summer watch
  10. Probably coach Edwards so think they will be fine but heard their best dlineman tore his acl playing basketball
  11. I’m sure it won’t be his only offers, and what do u suggest. Him going back to Spring Hill? Or go to a private school
  12. Yes and with the camps this yr and all the coaches coming through in the spring
  13. Naw they don’t have a kid that’s fastest in the district but he is fast and was a key receiver. He is a Soph and heard they were moving to the Dallas area
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