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  1. Selling them at the admin building
  2. They should be the favorites until proven different. I honestly think the gap has closed a lot.
  3. They’ve faced a line like Carthage and that’s the last two yrs of Carthage line. So I don’t think this line is nothing like they haven’t seen.
  4. Him and tennison are first cousins lol
  5. Man why u always gotta bring up WOS they aint playing this game. Just wait until the two of y’all meet up then go at it.
  6. Well at least he put the backups in but he never tried to stop scoring lol.
  7. It should of been 28-7 at halftime. It was a very bad coaching decision to try and be super aggressive with a little over a min left from ur 1 yard line. I agree with the personal fouls and stuff but we don’t put teams away when we should. It’s like our coach is so caught up with sportsmanship that we just don’t run up the score in the first half then call the dogs off like Traylor use to do.
  8. Boy this game lost its build up fast I’m sure Tatum fans can’t wait to get their lick back from last yr lol.
  9. I think it’s crazy how East Texas gives us this type of matchup each yr, you just can’t beat it. I honestly don’t see them holding us to 14 points this yr either but I guess we will all see come Friday.
  10. How y’all gonna forget about Michael Boyd
  11. Now I can see that happening, I will give them the nod on coaching and it’s not close. Also until they’re beaten you gotta pick them.
  12. The offensive line is nothing like the last couple of yrs not even close
  13. We will be able to move the ball this yr I have no doubt about that. I’ve watched both of Carthage’s games and both teams moved the ball pretty good. If you watch their last game u will see that cornerstone shot them self in the foot.
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