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  1. How do Aledo and Allen stay getting kids from cali
  2. I’ve watched a lot of teams and I’ve seen the Martin kid from PG and others but man this kid just is something different he plays the pass can rush the QB can defend the run plays on special teams lol
  3. All I know is 247,Rivals or whatever recruiting services there is better put some ️s by number 5 name
  4. Man I think the offense will be better next yr it’s something about having a duel threat QB and I’ve seen the kid throw it will not be a drop off at all. Now the only thing that will be different is the oline but they will get it down fast
  5. Fact you can’t hold ur head on getting beat by Carthage twice one thing for sure there aren’t to many programs better than Gilmers and I would argue with anyone on that. What other program can stay they have lost the amount of coaches we have and still do what we do. I will never hang my head down when jumping off the porch and getting beat by the big DAWGS
  6. Man let’s face it nobody was beating Carthage this yr nobody. We can get in here talking bout if this and if that the fact that matters is they are the best for a reason.
  7. I salute the bulldogs they flexed their muscle today. As a competitor all u want is a chance to fight for a championship, my bux have nothing to hold their head down about. How many teams or kids can say they got to compete for a state championship not many. My bux proved that we still are one of the top programs in the state once again I salute them dawgs but if ur not from Carthage ur team still ain’t on our level lol.
  8. I can see u like to tuck ur tail, you shook never fear another man they put their cleats one at a time just like we do. What’s the worst thing that can happen besides get beat if everyone is already thinking it
  9. I don’t care how good you are 1 guy isn’t beating a good team period, and also he had to play point against Tatum bEcause they were missing three players. You think they just handing out scholarships to Kentucky smh
  10. I hate it for kids to put in so much work and especially with everything that they have been through this yr to be hurt ####
  11. I heard it’s some type of kissing bug going around in Carthage
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