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  1. I agree with that but we can’t control what people do with their kids
  2. Man y if anyone respond to something it’s being defensive smh
  3. What happened the 16 or 17 other times lol
  4. I don’t know why he moved to Gilmer wasn’t his mother in a domestic issue, I can’t speak because I don’t know. But if memory serves me didn’t kris boyd kill u guys that game
  5. U keeps saying Mclane was a move in when he went to Gilmer his whole life besides the yr he went to salado then came back
  6. Naw prolly not gonna be 100 but I’ll say close to half of that now are u gonna keep blaming being young as the reason y’all not that good
  7. Yup will be at the end, is Tatum gonna be young again this yr or they still playing with jr high kids since that’s been y’all excuse the last 5 or 6 yrs
  8. Oh now y’all wanna show up but me and bearfan got the 21 point bet but I will bet both of y’all a 100 and give u 7 points
  9. With the talent we have I don’t think so lol u guys got beat by pottsboro Lol
  10. Naw we know if the game is out of hand and the starters are taken out the game for both sides
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