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  1. Yea man it’s up in the air for me if they win any games lol but I guess I could see them winning this week but Idk. We literally could of put a 100 on them
  2. Hey I think our coaches thought they would run the clock was kinda mad they didn’t
  3. Hey the 8th grade team is without two of its best kids as well
  4. Dang to cause them to shut down the whole team
  5. I don’t understand how they had to shut down the whole team if they are keeping kids apart.
  6. Yea some stuff is out of the kids hands I really do hate it for those 3 kids breaks my heart.
  7. To bad he don’t play in the secondary lol
  8. Not really a rivalry I guess it is in pitts eyes but just another game for us.
  9. Sorry but they just don’t have the horses to run the race Friday, I expect them to play hard but this will be a blowout
  10. If it’s number 8 he’s not a backup he the kid that started last yr and should be starting this yr. I don’t understand how he wasn’t starting at QB when he’s more of what they’re use to having a mobile QB
  11. He only did that because he had a special group of kids but I heard the reason the numbers are so low there is because none of the kids like him and it’s starting to show
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