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  1. Thanks man. It’s part of living in setx. Them damn hurricanes have been coming 3 years in a row. I was just up in the Jacksonville this past weekend . I would rather be in East Texas it’s pretty and no chemical plants
  2. Yes all of our campuses had damage. Kids havnt been in school for 3 weeks. I think Lcm is going to start practicing tomorrow to prepare for Woodville.
  3. I was looking forward to the Bulldogs coming to Orange. But the Hurricane had other plans for us. Good luck to Carthage
  4. Who knows. That’s been problem with LCM for a long time now. We are not well coached. Crandall was no means any better than us. I’m hoping our Hc retires and bring someone new in. If not I’m sending my kids somewhere else lol
  5. 4 turnovers. 2 of them were within the 5 yard to score. That pretty much cost us the game. They can strip the ball good
  6. Congrats to Carthage! Slumberton couldn’t compete
  7. Lumberton stands are large on visitor side everyone will have room over there
  8. We play better when we had East Tx coaching lol We dont need a chump for our next hire.
  9. Our HC should be retiring maybe we can our a Carthage OC or DC lol
  10. Assistant. I think he was the QB coach and our head Baseball coach
  11. His last year at LCM was 1994 season that year We went 10-0 our last DC. He was brought in by Rhodney Russell our HC at the time. Another East tx guy
  12. Lost there last time to y’all 10-0. DAmn lol
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