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  1. How many of le's kids are sitting out hurt after last week?
  2. https://www.gilmermirror.com/view/full_story/27778847/article-Buckeyes-win-700th-game-in-program-history-with-35-14-triumph-over-Liberty-Eylau-here?instance=special_coverage_bullets_right_column
  3. Give me sh by 14. 52 for pitt us gonna have a good game but just won't be enough. Imo, sh vs le would of been a heak of a game. But I'd go with le in that one.
  4. #52 is good for sure. Sh will definitely have their hands full with him no matter where they try to run.
  5. Pitt doesn't have enough depth to have 3-4th string. Let them kids score...yalls mentality is exactly why everybody has to get a trophy.
  6. At this 2.4% covid death rate well all be dead by next year anyway
  7. He's good, just seems like the rest of the team falls flat around him.
  8. I love it as a fan. We go up there Thursday and come home Sunday. To me, and just like the playoffs, traveling and eating/seeing new stuff is half the excitement. Lol
  9. Do you come out of your house during flu season?
  10. Hallelujah, lol. My wife, my 6 yo son and I were cussed like dogs at the gilmer game Friday by the only person in the crowd who had a mask on. It was easy to spot her being a leftist as she had a girlfriend with blue and pink hair and her son was talking to his boyfriend who was in the band. I couldn't do anything but laugh but it took all my will power not to idiot slap a hoe when she called my 6 yo son a ####. These sheep are taking this #### hook line and sinker.
  11. Anyone know how the young man from the hawkins 5-6th grade tackle team is doing. He injured his knee and left for the hospital Saturday in the game against gilmer.
  12. I haven't watched pitt play but if they're as bad as what people say they won't beat spring hill.
  13. Had a woman (guess it was a woman as she has a girlfriend) literally cuss me and my 6 yo son out last night at the gilmer game because we didn't have masks on. She was a definite left leaning special person. She called my 6yo son a #### lol. I said a few choice words and she returned to her safe place and is probably scared today that she's gonna die from covid now. She had on her painters mask just barely enough to cover her knose rings lol, sheep
  14. I never ate it before the current building(only been in gilmer 4 years) but iv heard several people say the same as you. Its not very good to me currently. La carreta on the square is better imo.
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