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  1. We'll leave out sometime Thursday morning and come home Sunday afternoon. Can't wait!
  2. Idk, I was surprised for Sure when I checked the score. Mt Vernon beat Canton 57-0 early in the season..
  3. I thought the same thing but was wondering if they may of pulled starters too early?
  4. Thanking them for what, they all had their chance.
  5. Oh look, now because I have a differing opinion than you it's blowing smoke, all hail the almighty white oak racer via gladewater
  6. Catch, assuming his feet touched in bounds, in on a phone and hard to tell
  7. That was continuance, I assume from the refs angle he thought he pushed him down? Bs flag IMO
  8. Lol, ok. I beg to differ but I haven't saw the bears in person so can't form a good perspective.
  9. This is the view from whoever is trying to return a kickoff..
  10. You haven't saw the mustangs in person now how can you determine how fast they can run?
  11. Itll get better later in the week lol
  12. If gilmer can get their passing game clicking I think they'll have a chance. The forced fumble/turnover technicality and turnovers/interceptions inside the 25 made all the difference in the last game. If they fix those it'll be a lot closer game
  13. Seems to be the thing to do these days. I see it as a fumble. You can slow it down and he pumps and then his arm kinda sorta breaks forward but thinking from a refs point in real time, I'd call it a fumble. Edit: looks like the second possibly arm motion was caused by the defender hitting him in the back and causing the fumble.
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