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  1. Y’all got some speed coming up ?
  2. So if y’all keep winning is somebody gonna jump out and proclaim y’all’s dominance over GW before we play y’all?
  3. They are all on varsity this week in case we need them at QB.
  4. That’s what I was thinking. They been working on the fumblerooski too. I feel like it will be good for a couple scores.
  5. Yeah I hope we run the new screen too. It should be successful.
  6. I know you. You hit the nail on the head
  7. I was thinking we would save him for WO but he’s looking for a commitment or he says he will only play tuba.
  8. Don’t worry I’ve found the man. He goin from tuba to Qb in one week!
  9. That one statement shows how well you know me Liberal smdh
  10. This tuba player says y’all betta get ready!
  11. Problem is that the Eagle is running toward the wrong goal. And there’s a lot more Bears you can’t see in the picture chasing.
  12. Man I have been at band practice throwing footballs with the band kids. This tuba player might be our saving grace!
  13. It is definitely coming within the next 3-4 snapshots. Lots of housing being built.
  14. I don’t pay taxes in GW for the bond so let’s do it there
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