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  1. Man y’all should be a favorite. You’ve had the same set of kids for the last 4 years. If they don’t do something this year y’all will be out of excuses. Y’all can win the region out of the 2 spot in district. Good luck.
  2. GW will be just fine. The juniors coming back have been the heart of the team. Lewis will take over at Qb and he will present a big running threat to help ease the loss of Carter. We will need to fill in some gaps at OL but we never seem to lack for replacements there. The defense will be the big question again. We will score on anyone but we’ve got to get better on the defensive side or we will have a problems in the playoffs again. As far as district goes I still think we are the favorites until Tatum proves otherwise. Tatum has a lot coming back but the same group coming back has never beat
  3. Going with MV. I think they are a team of destiny this year.
  4. Hey I never saw this happening but I’m definitely a believer now. A lot of things had to go right for MV to win this game and they did! I hope MV wins state and I hope I’m able to go watch.
  5. The Malakoff defense is what sets them apart to me. The offense doesn’t have to put up 60 to win but they are capable of that too!
  6. The iPad app seems to work really well.
  7. I watched several games last night and the quality was great. What were you watching on ?
  8. Yes the app helped me tremendously too.
  9. Malakoff will walk away with this in my opinion. The Koff defense is what impresses me most. I don’t see anyone having great success against them. I feel like the state game was played yesterday and oh what a game it was.
  10. I’ll give Gilmer props. When the season started I didn’t believe they would beat PG. I was definitely basing it on PG having all their kids. Either way it has been a great season for Gilmer. It is just unfortunate that everyone in 4AD2 is playing for 2nd.
  11. This is going to be a whale of a game. I’m going with Koff. Hard to beat a great team twice and I think it’s time for them to get over the hump.
  12. Why you gotta drag Mighty Mouse into this ?
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