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  1. Yeah it was a fiction movie. Just like everything else that comes out of yalls mouth
  2. Hey I enjoyed watching Sabine have success last year. Especially that win over Tatum!
  3. Id love to see it so Eagleborn can use the cry meme just one more time.
  4. I think Tatum wrote and directed the movie.
  5. Yeah we’ve been watching that movie out of Tatum for years.
  6. Kinda like how it’s ok to talk about Tatum winning state in 2006 but not about how y’all haven’t beaten us since 2009. Or that y’all didn’t even make the playoffs last year.
  7. Fair assessment. I think the thing that is being overlooked is that we are playing at home and the kids will be highly motivated. We looked so flat against you guys. The strength you mentioned is what I think has won our most recent games with Tatum. They always have speed but we beat them in the trenches. Unless that has changed I believe we still walk away with the W.
  8. He prolly wishing he had stayed outta this
  9. His next response will be “he didn’t say coaching history” even while knowing what I meant. Meanwhile his sidekick TDB will be in a corner somewhere crying “they keep twisting things”
  10. That’s what he should join because I don’t think contact sports are for him. He’s scared of our kids.
  11. Please compare our last 10 year history to the debacle that has been Tatum
  12. Our kids really seem to scare you. You sure you are cut out to watch contact sports ?
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