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  1. WOS went (4) rounds deep and Gilmer went (3) rounds deep this year.
  2. Here are the Newton vs. Air (Daingerfield) highlights once again. This is for those that have not seen it already; not trying to bring back nightmare's to Daingerfield fans. Honestly, with their athletes, I do think Newton's coaching staff and play calling could win a state championship with this 2018 team. They were honestly loaded with athletes; just a bad system i feel like.
  3. And Newton’s QB will be the best all around player on the field. Idc if they’re playing PG, Carthage, WOS, LE; The Newton QB will be the best player on the field. So what if he goes both ways? Only two players start both ways. It so happens to be (2) TCU commits.
  4. I would disagree on this years team! Newton very well have more players than 75% of 4A teams this season. Also, Newton has great size on both offense and the defensive line. I mean, they do have a Division 1 kid on the offensive line and defensive line; that means they do have size. This isn’t your regular 3A team. This is like a very blessed, athletic, elite 4A type team that you see every once in a while. Not sure what you’re talking about here.
  5. Alabama has offered full scholarships to #8 and #24. Though, #4, #5 and #8 are all verbally committed to TCU. Walker #74 has several D1 offers as well. Also, 2 other players, #12 and #33 should receive D1 offers by year end. They’re loaded.
  6. If there is a team that complete with Newton, then it’s Daingerfield. They can compete by losing by 67 points. I do think they can keep it closer next year by half of tonight’s margin. Newton will be loaded again next season.
  7. I 100% agree. I won’t sit here and say that they would win the 3A D1, 4A D2 or 4A D1 championship, but I honestly think that they would THIS season. They have no weak areas!
  8. Why did Daingerfield send their JV? Jk, but not really. This was the state championship game a few hours ago, but not really. See you guys next year. I really do think there will be another DF vs Newton matchup next year. It won’t be as bad. Newton will probably only win by 3 touchdowns next season, instead of 10 touchdowns like tonight.
  9. #ThisGameWillBeClose #AthleteVs.Athlete #NewtonHasn’tPlayedAnyoneIn7Weeks #Daimgerfield’sDistrictIsTough
  10. I’ll take my crow however it’s served. I was off on my score prediction. I predicted 63-21; though, I was delusional. 79-12 Newton lol
  11. Are Newton fans still delusional? Just wondering. It’s really not fair for 3A teams this year.
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