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  1. X the biggest number you want to place here Could not have said this better myself
  2. Is this right? Has it really been 81 years?!!! Wow... congratulations Longview! Yall had an awesome team this year! Fun to watch! Looking forward to see what yall do next year!
  3. Yes sir, Pax, Gunter was very good. They would have played Newton much closer this year than they did last year. This year flew by fast - too fast, but it was very fun. There were some really good teams this year in 3A D2. I realize that one poster does not have any respect for the teams that are out west, but I wish that the smoaky folks could have seen Abernathy and Childress play football. Those two teams had some real power. Very well disciplined, physical, and would lay the wood. I believe that the smoaky fellas who appreciate physical football would have enjoyed seeing those two teams pl
  4. Canadian is a fairly young team this year and will have a lot of their boys back. I would count on them being in the thick of things again next year. Would not be surprised to see Koetting have them back in the state title game.
  5. Good luck to yall! I hope yall make it.
  6. Yall have a good team. to be honest with you, I was scared to death of this game tonight. And yall did not disappointment. In the past four years, the only other 2a team that I can think of who was as successful at shutting our offense down like yall did tonight is Albany. Nothing to hang your head about on this one. Your qb and your tall wr are a lot of fun to watch, and your kids play hard and with a lot of class. I noticed this week that yall have had a lot of playoff success. Looks like a solid program over there. Congratulations on another good season and good luck to yall in the future.
  7. Muenster has never had speed. We have had several good teams through the years, and very few have had speed. With maybe the exception of the 1995 team, the 2013 team is the best team that I have seen Muenster have and there was not a speedster on the team. You know, it is possible to have a competitive, even good team without speed. It is called hard work and discipline. LOL As for the game tonight, both teams made tons of mistakes. Lovelady was constantly shooting themselves in the foot. I would love to have a dime for every false start penalty they had. And I do not know what is
  8. Greezy, we should get together and do this in the regular season sometime... you know, when there is not everything at stake... maybe we can get Horn and Carney together? Merry Christmas and congratulations to yall on a another great season. I am sure that Tenaha will have another good year next year, even with the move up... we will be watching...
  9. Thanks regal. Coach Carney and his staff have done an excellent job. You could see the "completeness" by our kicking game. No obvious weaknesses.
  10. Thanks for the support. Wellington was for real... of all the teams we played, they were the biggest and they were the quickest... very fast... they were the only defense that our offense could not drive the ball on, scored on big plays. and their offense was the only offense that our defense could not stop, they stopped themselves. Wellington should have been the state champs imo... keep an eye on them next year, they only lose two guys... they will make a run again next year. would pick them to be in the state title game if Stratford wasnt dropping down ***Edit: After I post
  11. We have had a rough ride, no doubt... Petrolia was tough because that was a grudge match... they always play us tough and physical... other than that, it was Iraan, Munday, Albany, and Wellington. Iraan, the team that lost in the state title game last year was the weak link. still cannot believe we beat Wellington. Wellington had a huge line... tons of speed in the backfield and receivers... They were much bigger and faster than us, no doubt. don't know how we beat them. do not believe in luck, so I will say we got fortunate. Anybody from Muenster if they are being honest will agree... only th
  12. Cool Man, don't worry about that. Honestly, I never have been on that app and do not intend to ever do so..... don't really care for apps anyhow. probably most of those people are not from Tenaha or Muenster anyway. Bandwagon jumpers misrepresent... on the other board, sure you seen it, there is a thread that has been up since the first two or three weeks of the year saying Muenster is going to be the 2AD2 champs..... granted that guy is not from Muenster, and at least he admits it, but it is still embarrassing. As for Tenaha fans, I heard nothing but great things from Muenster
  13. Hey Greezy, I read somewhere, maybe the other board, that you said you had made some trips through Muenster recently.... like during the summer. What were you doing in Muenster? Had I known you were in Muenster I would have met you and bought your lunch.
  14. Just thought that I would tell you a bit about Muenster: 1. We are not big (we will probably be the smallest team that you have played all year) 2. We do not have speed (compared to the teams that you have played, we will probably be one of the slowest) 3. Any film that you see on us will not impress you Looking forward to a game with no injuries and lots of class.
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