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  1. See there much more entertaining before
  2. Secondary play has a lot to do with being able to slow down the spread, if you mix up coverages and show something different pre snap helps. Have corners show press and bail, show cover 2 and time it at the snap to roll into cover 3. Im not saying play risky games with the QB but you have to give him something that will make him think after the ball is snaped. Look I'm not a defensive guru but I do know that a lot of the QB reads in the spread are pre snap. Give him something he thinks is going to happen then take away option 2 & 3 because by the time he realizes that option 1 might have been the place to go the pressure should have gotten there. OK everybody let the shooting begin lol
  3. Sorry about the double post I didn't think the first one got through
  4. From my experience the answer is a HC/AD who is not afraid to let his offensive studs play defense too. ie "My quarterback is not going to play Free or Strong safety" You remember the turning point in Remember the Titans don't you lol
  5. From my experience its having a Head coach that is not afraid of letting his best athletes play on the defensive side also. ie no my quarterback is not going to play free safety.
  6. You hit on a very good point as far as the short yardage plays are concerned. Coaches don't need to be so stiff necked when it comes to 3rd or 4th and short. It is very difficult to draw the defense offsides if you don't have an underneath package. Sure I've seen it done from the shotgun but it is much more effective from under center. Plus you also have the threat of QB sneak on pressure or silent count.
  7. I think you were much more entertaining back when you were a little controversial instead of so informative :)
  8. Sad situation when the patients run the asylum. I have been in situations where some in the community would let it be known that they were "coming after ______ coaches job" Not a very good situation to say the least.
  9. Hey wait a minute there Kirt, isn't that what Garrison used to do. Don't get me wrong here they did it at a very high level, even to a state championship. Just sounds funny coming from you.
  10. Lets throw this into the mix. I think people confuse the Spread offense with the West Coast offense. Spread offense has the ability to run the football with zone reads and you can have a fairly balanced offense in terms of run/pass. West Coast (Air Coryell or Walsh) offense uses short passes as handoffs to get around the defense and it opens up running lanes for big runs. Either offense allows a team to get their speed on the field. It all comes down to your team makeup, if you have big hogs for linemen you cant run either b/c they have to be able to run and block in open space and get to LBers on the second level. If you have speed, use all you got imho . Old coaches saying, You either have speed or your chasing it.
  11. Had one of the Dads coaching one of the little league teams, lets just say around the Tyler area, come up with a new offensive term and he was serious about it. Dollarback, (it was the slot receiver). He figured we had a quarterback, halfback,and fullback so why not.
  12. I have coached at two different schools that have had games at Tennyha as you spelled it. Both teams were excited about the chance to go to THE PIT and compete. Visitors side bleachers aren't that bad and the stadium is nowhere close to the worst in the state. Excluding the playoffs the atmosphere in THE PIT is second to none. Great place to play a 2A or 3A football game because you know that you will come out of that game knowing where your team stands.
  13. Think I'll go to another thread before I get into trouble.
  14. Well I think it comes down to is the glass half full or half empty, but I'm going to give you a +1 on that
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