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  1. No worries brother. He just hated not being out there. Tough way to spend his senior season.
  2. If you ask me, we let you guys win. Strategy. We're in the 4th round now as a result of that strategy. Were is WR, oh yea playing basketball. I'm glad WR season success is dependent on beating Waskom. Maybe if you guys look at a bigger picture, you might go farther next season.
  3. Don't judge Waskom by the West Rusk game. Totally different team after that game. All WR had to hang their hats on this year was beating Waskom. Well what did that get them. An early shot at a basketball district title.
  4. Don't judge Waskom by the WR game. For all you know the WR game could have been a set up to give all of you cowbells something to talk about. I don't think Waskom will score 38, I believe in our kids. Similar to the way Garrison thought thy could beat Waskom last Friday. That's why they play the game. It's not decided by old #### on Smoaky.
  5. Thanks for #54 mention.He is going crazy not being out there. Not sure which grand dad you are talking about. He has 2 great grand dads. LOL Waskom 38 Newton 35
  6. Back to being a sore looser again. Dang Nick get over it.
  7. That's what it will look like Friday night. Chasing the Wildcats toward the end zone all night. Good luck to you guys.
  8. Hemphill fought like warriors. What a great team. Nothing to be ashamed of. They never gave up.
  9. You make this fun... I like your fighting spirit. Good luck to you guys in the playoffs. You guys deserve the district championship.
  10. Like I told you. I wish WR the bet of luck in the playoffs. Keep tooting your horn Nick. It's a shame WR will face Newton n the 3rd round and go home
  11. Nick is not a genius, he's a trumpet player. Never payed a down of football just blew on things.
  12. All I know is that we have 2 Texas State Championship rings. 15-1 and 16-0. How many does WR have oh yea 0 and no undefeated seasons either. Thats how much I know. WR is on a good ride and they are a good team. I wish them luck in the playoffs. I do know that undefeated in district is good but if you end the season with a loss then you didn't got undefeated or win a state championship either. I do know the season ends on state championship day if your season is truly an undefeated season. Good luck Nick. No hard feelings, this is just fun. It means a little more when you have a kid out t
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