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  1. On the down side, my Carthage Bulldog ticket hookup is no more .
  2. Congratulations to my classmate on getting the OC position at D-Field! I think he'll be a valuable asset to the team!
  3. I saw the video where Sunnyvale's student section was chanting "WE WANT PG." Poor Sunnyvale.
  4. Need it or not, Carr was a totally different animal.
  5. It is important to know if Koff will have a surprise RB that hasn't really played all year, show up this game. Atlanta must be the only team that has that kind of luck... LOL.
  6. They beat Atlanta. It's the small things
  7. Haha. Well, there's at least one thing the bears won't be able to say this year, even if they win state.
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