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  1. Any ideas how WO's 7th and 8th grade look? My son and I like to go watch whatever game is being played on Thursday night.
  2. Dickerson's lack of production, in my opinion, is due to limited touches. He was really the only flash of hope we had Friday. He is the type of player that you need to get the ball in space... and y'all know how our passing game has been going, so that's difficult in itself. The boy is still a great athlete, we're just not able to use him like we'd want to.
  3. I'm not going to say Kinney was as lethal as a back as King was, but he was definitely going to be a force. Nobody really knows what he's capable of because he missed the majority of his JR season, and now his entire SR season. His brother was a BEAST. He's got a younger brother that's a freshman that I believe will be a great asset. Massive kid.
  4. All 3 of those backs actually played against y'all. #22 (Rice commit, SR), #8 (Dre Nelson, JR), and #5 (Caleb Hamilton, Soph).
  5. I just looked back on HUDL @Tiger03lb. That was Dre Nelson. He was a small, stout back. Real low center of gravity. I actually forgot about him. He was a workhorse. I guess I forgot about him because he was never a big play kid. He always got the hard to get yards and stuff.
  6. I mean at this point I don't ever expect good news. The injuries have just been unreal this season.
  7. Right now I can't even tell you who to look for on Atlanta. RB1 was that guy. Last year it was #5. The kid was a freak athlete, but no bueno attitude. He's the one everyone makes fun of us for, for missing the bus to the Gladewater game. Amazing back though. Just a highlight real almost everytime he touched the ball. Kinney was also in some last year, but he didn't play a game until Sabine. '19 it was him as well, but he was hurt a lot, or tired real easy. '17-'18 was Jawan King, the Rice commit (now plays JUCO ball for Kilgore College). Him paired with the Samples kid in the backfi
  8. Man Atlanta hasn't had a real deal QB in almost a decade. '13-'14 was Musgrove. Since then, '15 was Jeremy Smith. He wasn't a QB, just one of the fastest kids in the state. You had him, plus Atlanta's all-time leading rusher in the backfield. '16 was Henson. He was just a tough kid. '17-'18 was the closest thing we had to a QB, and he was just an athlete (Samples). Kid could run, make plays, and was extremely tough. '19 was Wood, which was just a WR moved to QB. Amazing WR, not so much at QB though. That's the year we learnred that McClure probably wouldn't be our next QB. They
  9. Yeah I saw the stats. That was pretty lopsided lol. Maybe I'm wrong. This will definitely be the best team Tatum has faced this season.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I know all about underachieving, but I mean GW returned a lot of key athletes I expected to have a lot of success this season.
  11. Man I really think Tatum is going to win this comfortably. I just expected a lot more from the Bears this season. I'm not sure what's going on.
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