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  1. Wow. I'm amazed this is all that was touched on the executive orders. These are terrible. Shutting the Keystone pipeline down is huge, to say the least. Border wall construction is said to be next on the shutdown list.
  2. Only reason Gainesville made the list is because Atlanta went little school in 2003, and Gainesville went big school. Atlanta beat them the year prior.
  3. Brian Kelly would be a terrible hire. Urban isn't going anywhere, so this is more of a "realistic" choice than anything really.
  4. Sarkisian got fired from USC for showing up to practice drunk. This is the guy we've been looking for - I can feel it. I mean, if I coached at USC, I'd show up to practice drunk, no doubt. This is my kind of guy.
  5. Who'd have thought the first state championship game today wouldn't start till 7:00.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/cowboys/news/buzz-urban-meyer-assembling-a-what-if-staff-to-join-him-at-university-of-texas
  7. Anyways, glad to have y'all for a playoff game! First time I've watched a team other than Atlanta on our field. Great job EF!
  8. I was actually more impressed with the OC. EF drew up some great plays tonight. I thought Hooks was playing pretty good defense most of the game, but EF got real creative with their passing, even a few real good hidden screens. Man did EF run the read option to perfection tonight as well. QB was making some huge plays.
  9. Nah I agree entirely. Y'all's credit is y'all get to play next week haha. I'm just saying Hooks must have fumbled 15 snaps in the 2nd half. It got real sloppy.
  10. It's over. EF wins 41-20 Great season Hooks. Y'all played a great first half, just shot yourselves too much in the 2nd half.
  11. It's all but over. EF ball 2:47 to go.
  12. 6:15 to go. EF ball 3rd and goal from the 9
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