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  1. I'm gonna say Jefferson. No offense to White Oak, but Atlanta threw a ball back into the endzone for WO to jump on, and fumbled a ball on their own 1 yard line. You take away the 2 big touchdown plays, and WO had 40 yards of offense on the entire night. I don't think that Jefferson is going to struggle to make the same mistakes Atlanta did. Heck, I've only seen one team ever do some mess like that.
  2. About the only thing Atlanta has going for them is they're good at pressuring the QB. Offensively we have a stud RB but he hasn't played since the first drive against L-E so, who knows if he'll dress out.
  3. Man this COVID mess has everything jacked. Literally no way to get tickets to this game if you don't know someone on the inside.
  4. How well does Sabine's QB handle pressure?
  6. The Dallas offensive line of years past has spoiled me. I miss being able to run the ball on just about whomever we wanted to, whenever we wanted to. Defense did do some good things in the 2nd half, but ultimately lost the game for us. The penalties and blown coverages just got ridiculous. It's really a good thing after all these years of disappointment, my expectations are loooooooooowwwwww. It's hard for the Cowboys to get me down now.
  7. Nah we've been pretty consistent. Inconsistency at this point would be a treat.
  8. Idk. He picked against us last week and it didn't work in our favor.
  9. Man PG is good, but I just think Carthage is still playing on that "I'm the #1 team in 4AD1" level. I think Carthage does the same thing they did last year, and wear PG down and start to pull away in the 4th.
  10. Idk man. I'm not a coach, so I can't take it too far. All I do know is, I have watched some really great coaches in high school football over the years, and the thing that seemed to separate them from the rest, was how they faced adversity such as Atlanta faced at the end of the game Friday. Put the ball in the hands of your playmakers. The Gladewater/Gilmer game of 2014 is the ultimate prime example. Nobody in there right mind hands the ball off on a HB draw in that situation. The only difference is, there wasn't really any doubt who the best athlete on the field was. Both teams had stell
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