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  1. This used to be the worst week. Well, this and Tatum. Before Traylor left, Gilmer used to have a ton of posters on here. It was never-ending it seemed.
  2. I'm not sure we're "smaller" than last year. We had 1 big player really, and to be honest, he was a non-factor. We're definitely bigger and more athletic at the linebacker position. D-line is faster than last year as well. Corners... ehhhh.
  3. I would think so. MV had plenty of kids last year. I'm more interested in the QB play.
  4. It's been tough sledding these past 5 years haha. Hard when you're the only one. I'll probably lose Mudman after this year lol.
  5. Who did they scrimmage?
  6. Glad to see Atlanta is getting some posters on here. Got 5 that voted in the poll lol.
  7. Just what @Mudman246 told me. I still have to trust his judgement, because he actually knows who all our starters are.
  8. All I know is what @Mudman246 told me, and that's that MP didn't score on our 1's, and we won the live qtr 7-0 I believe.
  9. Figures. He used to be my biggest troll. Then, kind of fell off the face of the Earth.
  10. I kind of want to go the Gladewater scrimmage... if only to have something to do lol.
  11. Replacing last year's QB was going to be a task either way. Not that he was the best QB, but because he was just an athlete. He could make things happen. He also had a pretty accurate deep ball. I'm not sure we will even be able to fill those shoes, honestly. But the QB may surprise me. The Soph. may come up and play and surprise us. You can't ever tell. I just hope we keep a healthy team. Already had 1 scare in the first scrimmage.
  12. So far, it doesn't seem as good. This year's QB isn't really a QB. He is a great wide receiver, but unfortunately I think he's the only option we have at QB. We have a freshman that's really good but he just doesn't quite have the size, or experience yet. We still have some really good backs, as usual. The JR is really fast and shifty, and the senior is like a bowling ball. Soph. is going to be great. Gladewater fans that I've talked to seem to remember our #17 from 2015 (D-Line), and the Soph. RB is his little brother. Should be a heck of an athlete. O-line is so-so. Seem to be a little better than last year, but it would take a ton of improvement from last year's line to have a "good" o-line. We will see what happens. We have athletes. Defense I feel is definitely better than last years though, even considering the opponents.
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