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  1. PG knows all about that 1 man team stuff.
  2. Man, this game was something else. PG had a LOT of mistakes, way more than they're used to I'm afraid. Cuero had an extreme weapon in their arsenal, and they used him completely. They lived and died by Whittington, and he gladly carried that team. That a phenomenal athlete he was. I'm not sure if I saw a better athlete all weekend long. Props to Coach Reeves too. He used his star athlete to the fullest and now they will all have a ring to show for it. Congrats Cuero! Don't worry PG, I look for y'all to be in the mix next season for sure.
  3. I honestly rooted against Newton all season long. I couldn't stand the constant posting by people saying ridiculous stuff about Newton being the best team in 3A and even 4A, or how they'd compete at 5A, or any of those ridiculous scenarios really. After watching them 2 weeks in a row, I think they'd have had a chance of winning in D1, but still probably wouldn't. That's besides the point though. I knew a little story behind Coach Johnston, but I didn't know the entire back story of him and his team. The connection between him and Barlow was absolutely phenomenal. How Barlow used to take care of his Oxygen tank in 8th grade, and then turned down reporters Thursday to take care of his coach and make sure he was ok. That boy is something special, and I'm glad they could win Coach Johnston another championship! What a great bunch of kids they had. Congratulations Coach Johnston and Newton!
  4. H3llR4z0r

    Center opening

    I find it crazy that Bowman didn't do better than he did at Center. The first year he was there, they were a force. I felt like they had a legitimate chance to make a very deep run that year. I remember their LB/HB (#44?) was a man. That kid could lay the wood on both sides of the ball. I remember he got hurt against Fairfield, but it didn't stop him from running the football! He was still trucking kids while limping down the field!
  5. What a ball game this was! Holy smokes did Longview fill up AT&T or what?? First 3 levels were full! It was an incredible atmosphere to say the least! King played a heck of a game! He missed some early passes that would have probably put Longview up a couple, but at this level you can't expect them to hit them all, especially with all that's on the line. When it came down to it though, he was a real baller! I enjoyed this game as much or more than any of them! Awesome job Lobos! I hope to see you guys back next season!
  6. This game kind of puzzled me. Malakoff didn't look like the same team that I saw 2 weeks before in the freezing rain. They didn't seem as fired up (nerves maybe?), and they made a ton of mistakes. Malakoff could do no wrong when we played them. Another thing I noticed, is that they had #11 on the sidelines almost the entire end of the game, when that was their star athlete, in my opinion. That's something Atlanta would do. I felt like, especially in the situation they were in towards the end of the game, they should have been trying to figure out more ways to get the ball in #11's hands. Also, the dropped passes and costly penalties. Just didn't look like the same disciplined Malakoff team I saw. Not knocking Grandview at all. They were good, and that #3 played with a lot of heart. Grandview's defensive line played a heck of a ball game as well, and I feel like that was the real difference maker. Congratulations Grandview! I feel like both teams will be heavy favorites for next season, as I saw a lot of returning starters on both teams!
  7. This game never really felt close. La Vega did a great job of controlling the line of scrimmage. LH just could not get the run established consistently in the first half, and once they got behind , it was lights out. I feel like Carthage would have matched up a lot better with LV. Not saying they would have won, but I felt like they had the speed on the outside to contain, and LH did NOT, to say the least. Either way, congratulations La Vega! 2018 State Champs!
  8. That's great to hear man. I love seeing programs with great coaches that can get great things out of their kids. I honestly feel like we under-achieved this season, as I think we did in 16. People here are content with a 4th round exit, but I feel like our team could have accomplished to much more. I don't ever want to feel content, because that means I don't expect improvement. We played a tough pre-season schedule but we should have competed in all those games. We did get a few things figured out in the post-season, but still showed up Saturday looking like we didn't want to be there. We should get a shot again next year. We're losing a great RB, and a few skill position players, but we're bringing back a lot of talent, and have some great kids coming up. Hopefully we will get a shot at you guys again next season!
  9. At least he showed lol. I've seen plenty that never came back.
  10. Yea that was embarrassing. More than 1 player doing it too.
  11. But yea Rab4life kind of put his foot in his mouth on the weather situation. That weather had wayyyyy more negative effects on us than Malakoff, to say the least. The Rabbits wanted no part of that cold.
  12. Don't take this wrong - I am not making excuses - but the weather definitely played a roll in that game. The difference was, Malakoff didn't care what the weather was like. You couldn't tell it was 35 degrees and raining on their sideline, you could tell on ours. We had kids running trying to make tackles with their hands in their warmers, and from the very beginning of the game you could tell they did NOT like the cold, at all. Our QB could not throw the ball accurately, not that he's known for being the most accurate passer, but he's definitely better than he played Saturday. Malakoff had a hand in that was well, as we could not block one of Malakoff's DE's to save our lives. Also, I too have heard from Malakoff fans wondering why we didn't run #22 more. We were all wondering the same thing. Especially when we went 5 wide, the some 8 times we did. Seeing #22, #5, and #8 at the same time never made me feel at ease. Not that we didn't have other play makers, but they just had that IT factor. I'm not sticking up for Rab4Life, I'm just telling you what I myself saw/heard. In the grand scheme of things, it means nothing, as we're sitting at home this weekend and Malakoff is not. I'm pulling for Mally this weekend, because I am pulling for our region. I don't have any bad blood for Malakoff. The best team on Saturday won. The rest is all "what-ifs." I just don't like being stuck with a bunch of "what-ifs," if you know what I mean. This is always the roughest thing about football season, is watching those kids you've been following since they first learned how to play, graduate and move on. Definitely going to miss #22 being on the field. I remember his first breakout game against L-E, and watched him grow into a smart young man! Chose to go to Rice because the NFL is not a for certain, but his education is. Anyways, good luck Malakoff! I'll be watching this game from the comfort of my home, but I'll be there to see y'all play in person if y'all can win this one!
  13. Apparently we're misinterpreting it @Tiger03lb. I thought it was pretty clear myself but what do I know?
  14. Just trying to coincide the 2 discussions. Making sure no information gets misconstrued. Just like it did. You obviously meant Malakoff had a chance and they would only get mandhandled in the trenches. I should have known.
  15. Like I said, I couldn't care less about your opinion. I just wouldn't post anything on there I wouldn't post on here, including excuses.