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  1. I saw the video where Sunnyvale's student section was chanting "WE WANT PG." Poor Sunnyvale.
  2. Need it or not, Carr was a totally different animal.
  3. It is important to know if Koff will have a surprise RB that hasn't really played all year, show up this game. Atlanta must be the only team that has that kind of luck... LOL.
  4. They beat Atlanta. It's the small things
  5. Haha. Well, there's at least one thing the bears won't be able to say this year, even if they win state.
  6. Rough outting for D7. I did expect this game to be close, but not a shootout. I elected to not go at the last minute, and made a mistake. Great season Jeffy. Good luck Koff!
  7. Hard to knock the kid too much for trying to make a play. He probably felt like there was no other choice with the way the offense was playing. Way to show up and own up Malcolm Roach!
  8. Really wanting to go to this game. Still licking my wounds though.
  9. Honestly, I think you were right to buy in. We've regressed since the season started. We're talking about a team that was 1 catch away from going into OT against the best team in the nation. I'm not sure what has happened since week 2, but it's definitely going the wrong direction. I mean, in all reality, it seems like at one time, our offense was all that was keeping us afloat. Now, the defense has stepped up to an extent, and the offense just keeps falling on it's face. How does this happen?? I mean seriously. We went from having the worst defense in the history of UT, forcing our offense to put up 40-50 points per game to win AGAINST MEDIOCRE AT BEST TEAMS, to really being a rock these last 2 games. What's even worse about losing games that you should be winning, is losing them inconsistently. If the defense is the problem, then I'd rather have that problem all year. It's crazy to think how they just keep going back and forth between which side of the ball will perform this week, and which won't. I will say this though. The defense being as bad as they were, was a new development. I feel like they're getting some things figured out there. But, the offense and offensive play-calling has been a consistent issue. Maybe it's Herman, maybe it's Beck. I'm not sure. What I do know is, Texas is the least likely team in all of football (that I watch anyways) to make big plays. Our longest rush was RJ's 54 yarder against OU, but the next longest is 34. I honestly believe the play design at Texas is just not designed to create any sort of open receiver, or mass amounts of running room. We never confuse defenses. We never have a series of plays that sets up a possible big play. We run bubble screens, which I've always felt were to set up a deep ball, but we never fake the bubble lol. I'm just rambling. There's just so much bad and inconsistency, it's hard to keep up with or stay consistent on what to criticize. It changes from day to day.
  10. D7 had some great teams, but like you said, inconsistency plagued them. Atlanta had tons of internal issues, and they just never got it right.
  11. HS played a perfect game against Atlanta. They looked great. I still felt Atlanta had every opportunity to win that game, but HS just never slipped.
  12. Haha the ref never rolled him arms. They truly were the worst officials I have ever seen. I lost my voice because of them lol!
  13. Haha we couldn't believe it when they called it a catch. Was a 1st down play though.
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