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  1. Feeder system for the coaching ranks
  2. Shaka Smart will be returning. BREAKING: ‘Shaka’s our coach’: Texas AD Chris Del Conte is sticking with Shaka Smart for 2020-21 https://t.co/C7FpXGQUwm
  3. Word on the street Dallas signing Clowney soon......any truth to it?
  4. BREAKING: John Walsh has resigned as the head football coach at Guyer. Walsh compiled a 131-56 record in 14 seasons, leading the Wildcats to two state championships and four state title game appearances. #txhsfb Below is a statement that Walsh gave exclusively to the #DentonRC. https://t.co/YkjkX2Dd9r
  5. If this doesn't get him fired (minus a Super Bowl appearance this season) then i don't know what will.
  6. Lol I said it early this morning on Facebook the Texans would be stupid to trade Hopkins so it would happen. Hours later Trader Bill provides the comedy.
  7. It was a very close vote. 51-49 percentage. Im surprised they voted for it.
  8. 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: NFL player vote ratifies new CBA to run through 2030 season https://t.co/kEpE4cuRVW
  9. As if New Rochelle doesn't currently have enough problems...... Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino is headed to Iona, he tells @247Sports. | Story: https://t.co/RvulVVNKWY https://t.co/ysre9FN74E
  10. NCAA will reportedly grant extra year of eligibility to spring sport athletes following cancelation of seasons https://t.co/HETjGLbzSD
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