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  1. MrBuddyGarrity

    Random Art Briles thought...

    Mount Vernon?
  2. MrBuddyGarrity

    ☠️ Mike Leach Appreciation Thread

    December Madness? Mike Leach thinks 64-team tournament could work in college football https://t.co/EkZGGAZZxn
  3. MrBuddyGarrity

    Fingers quadruple crossed for Mavs, draft lottery...

    Re-sign Randle, already got a nice PG, add another shooter and New Orleans is looking good.
  4. MrBuddyGarrity

    Fingers quadruple crossed for Mavs, draft lottery...

    Welp, Anthony Davis might stay after all.
  5. MrBuddyGarrity

    Fingers quadruple crossed for Mavs, draft lottery...

    Imma lmao if the Cavs get it.
  6. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    Depth at running back shouldn't be an issue for Razorbacks as T.J. Hammonds announces his return https://t.co/VD7yRITM1s
  7. MrBuddyGarrity

    R.I.P. Coach W.T. Johnston

    Per KFDM: Thoughts go out to Newton Nation and the Johnston Family. KFDM has been informed that W.T. Johnston has passed away. Coach Johnston went 97-15 with 2 State Championships in 8 seasons as @NewtonEaglesTx Head Coach. https://t.co/zI1p1LJfVO
  8. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    Hogs land another east Texas prospect in WR Savion Williams #WPS https://t.co/onD0xY4L4y
  9. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Playoffs

    Long drought continues for the Rockets.
  10. MrBuddyGarrity

    James Sylvester signs with TCU

    He's a JR, can't sign anywhere yet.
  11. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Playoffs

    KD might be out. Wow. EDIT: Calf strain was just announced.
  12. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Playoffs

    Welp, that's over. Bucks win in 5.
  13. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Playoffs

    We lost. 3-1. Goodnight.