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  1. I just hope it's an injury-free ballgame, weird things have happened this season when Washington has played.
  2. You really don't know why?? I think it's for the same reason their teams moved venues to actually play their games.
  3. Arkansas vs Missouri is postponed from what I saw, Hogs have a bunch of cases.
  4. I was surprised to see Wisconsin actually playing, I thought they just had an outbreak recently...
  5. ESPN projection puts Hogs in Texas Bowl against Sooners or Longhorns https://t.co/yPdMKrTPdo via @Hit That Line from ESPN Arkansas
  6. Btw: they are ripping that Tennessee HC a new backside in Knoxville and in the media after that loss.
  7. That game certainly wasn't an upset lol. Tennessee hasn't been Tennessee in a long time, since Fulmer was HC imo. Now this game at The Swamp on Saturday, if we win, that'll be an upset.
  8. That play is why I would've went for 2. One shot TD Clemson.
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