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  1. MrBuddyGarrity

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Aggies just got a really good QB in King. Congrats to him.
  2. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

    They also had Ibaka and KD with em.
  3. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    No school spends more money feeding its athletes than Arkansas https://t.co/MVVBBR5kDB I chuckled while reading this.
  4. MrBuddyGarrity

    Saban And The Longhorns HC Job

    At this point I think I've heard 20+ different versions around.
  5. MrBuddyGarrity

    Saban And The Longhorns HC Job

    Definitely summertime, I hear this story every June/July.
  6. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    The ‘McFadden Era’ uniforms have returned. Here’s a look at #Arkansas’ top ten moments, games and performances in those uniforms (FREE): https://t.co/vVESC1tLm5 #HawgSports https://t.co/BM7GCSUBa4 LOOK: Arkansas has unveiled a new alternate uniform for this season...and you'll probably love them. #WPS https://t.co/Z9GFaRaBVJ
  7. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

  8. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Glad we got Kanter from them. I got a question: who was that Portland guy that broke his leg in that prime time game last season? He was the Center I think.
  9. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    Just hope it sticks.
  10. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    Kelvontay Dixon commits to Arkansas https://t.co/a2O2mXSER8 via @CBSSports
  11. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

    I like the Jazz right now.
  12. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Lol yup
  13. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

    Exactly, it's not like it's only ONE team.
  14. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason

    So tampering rules mean nothing right?
  15. MrBuddyGarrity

    2019 NBA Offseason