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  1. Gus will find a way to mess it up after that potential Mullen mistake.
  2. Former Auburn coach Gus Malzahn offered UCF job https://t.co/XHGM5VC0L9 via @247sports Lol
  3. Rashod Dubinion commits to Arkansas https://t.co/nXwIM94CVA via @247sports Was waiting on this one, gonna have a few more from Cedar Grove commit soon.
  4. Had yet another under-4min collapse in the 2nd half but held on versus Auburn at home. I've gotten so many gray hairs this season watching Kentucky smh.
  5. He wouldn't get passed my Rams next season. We got something for the NFC next season.
  6. Ppl I've talked to turned the game off in the 2nd qtr
  7. I think we're cursed. Only explanation. Smh. Geez. Another close loss at Rupp.
  8. It's 31-9 with KC offense playing like a JV NY Jets team. Idk man. Feels over to me.
  9. I can see the L to BU, but Okie Lite?? Yikes.
  10. Now the weather forecast changed, no rain forecasted.
  11. Did we sign anyone today? I haven't seen anything.
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