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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Hello Mountain West Football https://t.co/hlAvrV0p1O
  2. The NCAA's Division I Football Oversight Committee recommended waiving the bowl-eligibility requirements for the 2020-21 bowl season. *A winless team MIGHT go bowling* https://t.co/Z5da6RsLK8 Ridiculous.
  3. Breaking: The Pac-12 football season will begin on November 6th, with each team playing 7 games, per @BonaguraESPN https://t.co/DYniNTaDFk
  4. Lobo, Texas High scrimmage ends with brawl. Video + comments from Longview HC John King. #txhsfb https://t.co/qKRczcPCB4
  5. Herman said Foster still on the team. I'll take the Head man's word for it.
  6. Hog transfers must excel in order to change narrative quickly https://t.co/ON1YSBwmmS via @247sports
  7. I'll say this too: Ramsey better learn how to tackle and quickly. We had 2 other DBs who played better than him tonight other than 3 plays by him, all of which came in the 4th qtr in crunch time.
  8. That was fun. We left alot of points off the board and couldn't tackle Dallas til 4th quarter. A win is a win nonetheless.
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