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  1. And I'd hope Oregon knocks their ### back to Columbus by 50
  2. Chase Lowery commits to Arkansas https://t.co/fenibAedgI via @247sports Outta Frisco HS.
  3. I think he ends up at KU. Kinda surprised though: I don't see an offer from Arkansas State or Memphis for him, would think he would have at least one of them, unless i overlooked it.
  4. Little Rock Parkview QB Landon Rogers has decommitted and reopened his recruitment, not surprised, after Coley committed there was a high chance this would happen.
  5. Yup, and there was a sense of entitlement amongst his players the latter part of his gig at UT as well.
  6. I've yet to see any truth to that last part, but i do know his GF cost him that Ravens gig. That's an actual fact.
  7. I agree, i know Sherm was none too pleased with Cam's contract.
  8. And if Cam has a good yr they get a pick back in 2022 from what i was reading yesterday. Weird. Almost like the NFL caters to NE in a strange way.
  9. There's nothing wrong with Cam, Belichick will live, I've seen him "put up" with far worse. The only risk is him hurting his shoulder again. With that said Stidham better be ready.
  10. Anyone paying attention to wth is going on in North Carolina? Mack getting his recruiting swagger back i see. Big pickup today for his defense.
  11. It wont be no different than the last one IMO. Get a flu shot and drink hot lemon Whiskey if you feel sick, you'll live.
  12. Wait until something else get in the gulf how this area acts in grocery stores especially if this virus stuff still going on. December can't get here quick enough.
  13. Dude they buying up all the toilet paper again around here lol. These ppl stupid.
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