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  1. Something to do with grades, only one spot left so if Jackson doesn't get right i expect that graduate transfer from Clemson-Xavier Kelly (DT) to get it.
  2. He reminds me of a less accurate Colt McCoy when he was coming out of Jim Ned.
  3. Morris was gonna give Boyd the ball as much as possible by any means necessary. Hopefully with Pittman we see a good mix of RBs toting the rock. I can't wait to see that transfer RB ball this Fall.
  4. Yup. Was reading this earlier: https://amp.star-telegram.com/sports/college/article240368996.html?__twitter_impression=true
  5. Kjerstad Named Collegiate Baseball National Player of the Week (FREE) https://t.co/ZkawgPt05i #Arkansas #Razorbacks #Hogs #WPS #OmaHogs We'll see what the rest of the OmaHogs look like as the season goes.
  6. Just win, baby. https://t.co/erafHQk1Ui via @JSChisenhall Here's the final box score from a day in which Kentucky went 2-of-22 from three against one of the hottest teams in the SEC and won anyway. Immanuel Quickley shaking off that 1-of-10 start to score 17 is pretty damn impressive. https://t.co/WprcRhiwsb Whew that was a close one today........but like I've said before to some folks: im never nervous about this team, they have a clutch gene, whether they need it offensively or defensively.
  7. Arkansas RB Chase Hayden is next to step into our Transfer Tracker, as @RivalsWoody and @rivalsmike analyze the potential impact on his next team: https://t.co/G4pDZAkHHr
  8. Report: Combination of factors that included tardiness, skipping class, clashing with teammates and insubordination contributed to former Alabama 5-star recruit Eyabi Anoma's dismissal from Houston. https://t.co/7uIcwJLDKP https://t.co/ZilMiOkxZ1
  9. I wanna listen into that Roy Williams presser asap.
  10. NC had Duke on the ropes and let em back in the game. I see why Roy doesn't like this team this season.
  11. The uniforms in this Duke/NC game are ugly. Look like practice uniforms.
  12. We'll be alright. Give it 3 years and we'll be relevant again IMO.
  13. I hope so. Yall know i wasn't fond of Pittman at first but he has my full respect now.
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