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  1. MrBuddyGarrity

    2018-2018 H.S. Football Coaching Changes Thread...

    Taff got the position?
  2. MrBuddyGarrity

    Conference Realignment?

    Well enlighten us oh mighty one, what is the "correct answer" (aka your opinion)
  3. MrBuddyGarrity

    Pro Bowl

    You have a point on the venue, that's one raggedy rusted up stadium last time I looked it up.
  4. MrBuddyGarrity

    Conference Realignment?

    Im not a rah rah conference coattail person, you asking the wrong guy.
  5. MrBuddyGarrity

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    Arkansas suffers decommitment following departure of assistant coach https://t.co/Wt4Zp2mC85 Article is misleading, from what I've been hearing Walker was going to decommit regardless of that coaching change.
  6. MrBuddyGarrity

    Conference Realignment?

  7. MrBuddyGarrity

    Pro Bowl

    Does anybody here watch it anymore? I hear very little about the actual game every year now, the selections get way more pub than the game itself it seems to me.
  8. MrBuddyGarrity

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Delton from kstate
  9. MrBuddyGarrity

    2018-2019 TABC Boys Rankings

    Not the beatdown I expected and wanted but a win nonetheless. Final #9 Port Arthur Memorial 49 #8 Barbers Hill 47
  10. MrBuddyGarrity

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    #5 Michigan survives at home versus Minnesota 59-57. Ex-UK Cat Charles Matthews hit the game winner.
  11. MrBuddyGarrity

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    #8 UK holds serve at home versus #22 Mississippi State 76-55. Great win!
  12. MrBuddyGarrity

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    #16 Auburn goes to South Carolina and loses 80-77. Ouch, but this is why I was skeptical about Auburn.
  13. Jasper is my pick to get out of Region 3. Last yr it was WOS but Silsbee ended up doing it. Basically what im saying is I expect chaos in Region 3 starting 3rd round of the playoffs next season again.
  14. Like I told Saints fans that I know personally: if Payton grows a pair and gets TDs instead of FGs the first 2 drives before they scored that TD on the screen play they're up 21-0 and no one is talking about the refs and after watching every Rams game this yr there's no way we come back from that inside the Dome that day. That game was gift wrapped for the Saints, Payton "bleaux" it with his playcalling. They couldn't run the ball effectively, they couldn't utilize Thomas effectively and to me Brees arm has diminished. I don't place any blame on the refs, BOTH teams actually had a chance to end it in regulation, I know I almost chunked my tv across the room when McVay choose that FG from the 1yd line to tie it at 20 instead of going for the dagger TD. Joyner had a chance to aid in ending it by picking off Brees but instead he overplays the ball and Ginn catches it. Maybe next year the Saints wont blow a 13pt lead.