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  1. Only silver lining for me was the continued improvement of Vander Esch. He and Jaylon together are one helluva linebacker duo.
  2. I had a crush on her in college, not even gonna lie.
  3. That is where I am at THS. If the cops came out and said, "yes, he did this", you could kick him out of the league and I wouldn't care. But it is the opposite, the police department, and even the leagues special investigator (a woman with tons of experience with these kinds of cases) has said there is nothing here. This makes literally no sense.
  4. If we get rid of Garret, I'm fine with going 4-12 again. Good picks and The Red Clapper gone all in one swoop? Sign me up
  5. Smith is just struggling in coverage, but I think that has more to do with him still not being 100% than his actual abilities. I don't think we will see Jaylon at 100% again until next season.
  6. Even though he allowed that last TD pass at the end, Lewis is getting better every week, really a solid pick.
  7. Should have just stayed in power I the entire drive.
  8. The Ivy League Ginger has got to go. Even Troy couldn't stop himself from asking what the hell he was doing allowing that pass to Dez. We would be 4-1 with a good coaching staff. This team has way too much talent to be losing these games.
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