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  1. I donโ€™t understand how thatโ€™s possible but then again I donโ€™t really understand anything COVID related so Iโ€™m okay with it
  2. The two options I've seen floating around are Urban Meyer and Kyle Shanahan.
  3. I absolutely HATE those style of helmets. Not sure what brand that is. They make players look like they are the alien from the Alien movies.
  4. Baylor has 28 positive COVID cases. This will be their first postponed game, and they've already had 2 cancelled I believe.
  5. Urban is all anyone can talk about. It has the "Saban bought a house in Austin" vibes. I don't even know if he'd be interested. To be honest, I'm not sure who the top targets would be right now.
  6. Incompetent QB play if you ask me. There was zero threat at the QB position until really Ehlinger came along. And now he's the only "weapon" the offense has. David Ash had to retire because of too many concussions, so we got Case McCoy. Who, in my opinion, was only at UT because of his last name. He was miles away from what his brother was as a football player. Then that led to Tyrone Swoopes, who we all know Mack recruited over JT Barrett. And the rest is history.
  7. It's only a matter of time they try to cancel Sam for singing the song.
  8. I think the Cowboys D is going to make Dalton look worse than it actually is. Dalton is a competent player, but I don't think anybody could have success with that trash they call their defense.
  9. Tom Herman is now asking players to sing the Eyes of Texas if they feel comfortable doing it. If not, he respects their decision.
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