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  1. Buddy of mine just sent me this. Meltdown of all meltdowns
  2. Does he know anything about contracts? I’m guessing he looks at the money and says “yeah, that’ll work” and doesn’t read the fine print
  3. Dudes a nut case man.. something is messed up in his head
  4. The defense didn’t play bad by any means, the play calling on offense on short yardage and special teams kept OSU in the game
  5. Silver lining - Texas played horrible and still won
  6. This is mentally one of the worst games I’ve seen Texas play
  7. Ingram is so dang good when healthy. His vision is incredible
  8. Ehh. Until that call, this game has been anything but homecookin’
  9. I’m impressed with Notre Dame. They actually look like a good football team
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