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  1. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Seriously?? WOW!
  2. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Duke vs UNC tonight at Cameron Indoor. Love this game!
  3. ETXfan16

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    No he's not. He has connections to A&M, doesn't he?
  4. ETXfan16

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    I see Deggs at A&M when Childress leaves.
  5. ETXfan16

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Not a bad start to the season. Took 2-3 from ULL and they are usually a pretty good squad. The Horns travel to Rice on Tuesday and have Purdue at home next weekend. No series or game is easy this year really. I'm looking at the schedule and it should tell us a lot about this team
  6. ETXfan16

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I wanted to post that the other night but never got to it. I was in literal tears🀣
  7. Should Kyler choose baseball or football? Baseball Which sport is he better at? Football I watched Kyler on the baseball field at OU, and while he is a good athlete, I didn't think for one second that he was the best player on the field. His speed is what got him that #9 pick. If you ask me, he's better at football. When choosing baseball or football it's a safe bet to go the baseball route, but I think it would have taken him a long time to find success in baseball.
  8. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    I assume you're talking about UT haha. The wins against Baylor, WVU, and Kansas have been huge. What hurts them (and me as a fan) is that they play to level of their competition and lose games they shouldn't. And then they turn around and hand it to these ranked teams. It bugs me. They will probably make the tournament, but who's to say how far they'll go.
  9. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Agree with this. The rule benefits the schools like KU, Duke, Kentucky, and the likes, but not schools that don't have the long history of success. I know for me personally it's hard to watch Texas basketball because the players that are good will probably leave after one year, rinse and repeat.
  10. ETXfan16

    Rangers Offseason

    Not to mention the upkeep it takes. And lemme tell you, those grounds crew guys get paid next to nothing
  11. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    I know this conversation has probably come up here, but what do y'all think about the one and done rule? The more I watch college basketball since the rule has been in place I personally don't like it. I think they should go back to you're either drafted out of HS or you spend at least 3 years at a university. It may not be the best route for the players, but it makes college basketball a lot more interesting in my opinion.
  12. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Gotcha. I'm not up to date with their basketball program but I know usually they aren't bad
  13. ETXfan16

    πŸ€ 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Is the Ags coach on the hot seat?
  14. In my experience working collegiate athletics, athletes are required to write down on their physical form everything they take from supplements to simply ibuprofen or tylenol. If they are taking something that isn't on the list, they can be suspended. Not sure if that's what happened here, but sounds like there was something they took that had that in there. The NCAA provides a list of all banned substances to athletic trainers, so it might have been in a supplements or vitamin they were taking. But you would think someone on staff would know that.