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  1. We got a little taste of what the 4 man front looks like against Utah and it was night and day compared to the awful 3 man we saw throughout the whole season.
  2. He placed those bets as a coach. And he bet on his own team to win. He's got my vote for Cooperstown
  3. I have been told that Justin Fields has been in contact with Burger King. It appears he is not happy with his role at McDonalds. My source informed me that he has voiced his displeasure for the cook that is getting more time on the grill. When asked what his role has been like, Fields stated, "I haven't done ####, bro." as he stormed out the kitchen. We could be seeing Fields wearing a different apron in the very near future. Drama is stirring, but hey, that's what we love about the offseason baby
  4. Reports are coming out that he was hired at Burger King. Only to leave after serving a short stint at the establishment and transferring to rival Wendy's. His reasoning? Martell claims that "Burger King is ###, my dude."
  5. Tate Martell will be flipping burgers a year from now. Lol
  6. What's up with all of these Sooners going in to the transfer portal? Any insight on that?
  7. We can take it over to the religion thread if you want because I don't want to be derail this one, but I'm interested to hear your interpretation of these two verses.
  8. Proverbs 10:9 "Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes the crooked paths will be found out."
  9. He's a hypocrite. Nothing new.
  10. Lol uh no. Sign stealing in baseball is gamesmanship. Catcher tipping signs? You can steal them. Pitcher tipping pitches? Steal them. That's part of baseball. Be better at hiding them. What's 100% cheating and life ban worthy is using technology (i.e. buzzers, cameras) that your opponent does not have access to, to steal signs. That's a clear disadvantage to the away team. Take off your blue and orange glasses. It's cheating. It's not "because the Astros and Red Sox won the World Series."
  11. Everything about this is stupid. The warrant is stupid, and Odell thinking he can slap a cop on the butt is stupid.
  12. Boston is Title Town!* *Cheat Town
  13. That's good to know! I've been seeing fans from other SEC West schools saying even with Leach, Miss State wont be much of a threat. I'm not sure I can agree with that. I believe he's capable of doing good things there. All it takes is him finding his QB.
  14. When he was hired at Tech, did people think he could win there? The reason I ask is because I was too young to recall. I didn't think he could make WSU somewhat relevant in the pac12, but he somehow managed to get them in to bowl game every year except 2014
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