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  1. https://www.burntorangenation.com/2021/1/14/22232248/keontay-ingram-enters-ncaa-transfer-portal-texas-longhorns
  2. This. It can only go up. I'm willing to bet on coaches who have been in an environment of what it takes to win and develop than a coach who had 1 good season as a HC at a G5 school. We've tried that exercise twice now and it didn't work.
  3. I believe so as well. I had a feeling Meyer would not want to go back to college and deal with recruiting.
  4. Not being able to travel and go to conferences/meetings has hurt our industry as well. The whole virtual/working remote thing has its perks but I'm coming to find the cons are starting to outweigh the pros.
  5. It’s even worse doing a presentation or speech over zoom. One of my biggest work pet peeves from this past year. It’s so weird
  6. I'll say this. Sark's swagger and confidence in his presser is very refreshing. Much better than robo Tom
  7. As of right now, Texas is predicted to be a 1 seed in the tournament.
  8. This was Herman's mindset. "Winning is really hard." It's no wonder you saw UT play down to their competition when this was the mindset that was instilled in the team by the head coach. That's soft. That's fake confidence. And that's Tom Herman.
  9. Twitter is a whole other level of delusional fans... lol
  10. I unfortunately remember that moment and hate the he's known for that because he was a very good player for the Horns.
  11. This will truly be the best 2 teams playing and I'm excited to watch this.
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