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  1. ETXfan16

    2019 Season Predictions

    Cornelius wasn't horrible. At least he had been in their system for more than a year under Rudolph. Their only qb this year with experience is the transfer from Hawaii
  2. ETXfan16

    2019 Season Predictions

    I think Texas has the upper hand against OSU because they 1. Don't have a qb and 2. It's at home this year I agree ISU will be tough on the road. They are sneaky Baylor game was close last year because Sam wasn't playing. I was at that game and we played horrible. They are improved, but their defense is just not good.
  3. ETXfan16

    2019 Season Predictions

    10-2 or 11-1 It's Texas and OU in the big 12 and then everyone else. The Big 12 isn't that strong out of those two teams. Baylor and Iowa State might be decent. I don't see Texas losing to both LSU and Oklahoma. I think they at least split.
  4. ETXfan16

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Some debates just aren't worth the time though. That's all I'm saying.
  5. ETXfan16

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Go for it. You and DB can go at it there. This is getting real old.
  6. ETXfan16

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Can y'all just ignore each other?
  7. ETXfan16

    Conference Realignment?

    Crazy what 3-4 years of some success will do. Not going to lie, watching them get knocked down a few levels gave me joy. Nothing like some humble pie.
  8. ETXfan16

    Conference Realignment?

    I worked at a summer camp in college and became friends with many students at schools across the Big 12, SEC, and even some Big 10 schools. Of course, I went to a small d2 school that didn't even have a football team, and being that I have a few people in my family that are Longhorns, I would get in on the sports talk and banter between schools. (Many knew of my UT ties, but I never acted like I went there, mind you), I just love talking sports, especially college football. I was actually going to go to Alabama but instead chose to go to my little private university because it was in Dallas. That allowed me to work with multiple sports teams during my college days - really glad I went that route, but I digress. I enjoyed my friends that went to Arkansas, Bama, UT, A&M (although you get them all in a room and they do their dang chants and that gets kinda annoying), Tech, LSU, and the list goes on. Some awesome people. However, the WORST fans I encountered, and by fans I mean students, was no doubt Baylor. Holy cow. Maybe this was because it was during peak Art Briles, but I had never met a more arrogant group of fans with nothing to show for it than those guys. Good people, but when it came to talking football or sports in general, I had to walk out of the room. They talked about their "rivalry" with Texas and screamed "61-58" or whatever that score was, to TCU folks every chance they got. They aren't as bad now, but it sometimes comes out every football season and it grinds my gears. Internet fans are the worst though. When Texas was playing Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, I was reading forums prior to game day and Georgia fans were ruthless. I understand people don't like Texas, but geez. You would have thought they played every year. In person, no issues. Online, it was a firing squad. I've become pretty good at ignoring people who don't want to talk about the topic and resort to insults. At least in sports. Politics is another animal lol
  9. ETXfan16

    Saban And The Longhorns HC Job

    What does it matter? That was 6 years ago
  10. ETXfan16

    Tyler Lee new football logo !!

    Lee used to be the rebels but changed to the Red Raiders, I believe, The new logo is very modern and I get changing it, but I think they could have picked something better. I always liked the giant "T"
  11. ETXfan16

    ✊ AntiFa is a terrorist organization

    Oh I can't WAIT to read this thread... Lol
  12. ETXfan16


    There was more than one question, so it requires more than one answer... Now who's stupid you say? I'll actually answer your questions. Democrats regained the House and they voted her as speaker. There is your answer to your question. See how that works?
  13. ETXfan16

    💥 2020 Democrat primary debate

    To be real, if you're a democratic candidate, you cannot win by trying to out social justice warrior each other. You might as well throw in the towel now
  14. ETXfan16


    These are great questions. Notice how he can't answer them..
  15. ETXfan16


    1. This wasn't a crisis, according to the dems, when were going through this when Obama was president. Now all of the sudden you care? 2. You're worried about the children sleeping on concrete floors yet you support a party who promotes killing babies? Spare me the moral high ground you are trying to take. Hypocritical to the max