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  1. I went to a few Baylor/Tech games in recent years and it was a terrible atmosphere. Even TX/OU big 12 championship wasn't great. Believe it or not, its too comfortable of a stadium. I like to be sweating and Biden sniffing my neighbors hair. That's the CFB experience in all its glory!
  2. He threw the ball very well. A lot of that was thanks to the running game opening up pass plays. I think the team has more confidence in Thompson than Card right now. They just seem to play with a little more fire when Casey is in the game.
  3. Both A&M and Arkansas fans are not in favor of it being at a neutral site. Texas/OU will never be a home and home. It just doesnt seem right
  4. This game is not played in jerry world when Jerry says so. Jk, but I could possibly see this going home and home when the SEC shakeup happens in the next year or so.
  5. This might be the year Michigan beats Ohio State.
  6. It could very well go that way. This is the first year I can confidently say that I'm not 100% confident in who wins (if that makes sense?) lol. It's always a great game, but I always expected A&M to win. They've just been better the past 10 years. But I'm genuinely intrigued by Arkansas. They don't look completely incompetent like they have the past few years. Match that with a good A&M team and I expect another thriller.
  7. 1. Virginia 2. Notre Dame 3. LSU 4. Texas 5. Arkansas 6. Iowa State 7. Louisville 8. UCLA 9. Michigan State 10. Oklahoma State *Tiebreaker: OU points vs West Virginia - 31
  8. I think I gotta go with Arkansas on this one. I can certainly see A&M winning this, but the Hogs are hot and have A LOT of confidence. They steamrolled Georgia So. and while its Georgia So., that would be a game Arkie would normally struggle with, especially after coming off a huge win against Texas. KJ Jefferson looked more confident and their run game is strong. Defensively they have improved and are pretty solid for the most part. I don't think Arkie is anything spectacular, but I would not be surprised if they jumped on A&M early. I still don't know how Calzada will fair in a big g
  9. I think Ole Miss will give Bama a big challenge
  10. Bama is making Florida look like an FCS team
  11. Holy #### that was the nastiest int I have ever seen!
  12. He’s very slow to me. Maybe that’s just from watching Jalen, kyler, and baker, but he doesn’t have that run threat like we are used to seeing. And it makes OU’s offense look very bland which is just weird lol we are not used to that
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