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  1. So you're saying he's not different? In my opinion Trump is WAY different than any president we've ever had. Whether that's good or bad is your own opinion. But if you're calling him out for not being different and turning out to be the same kind of politician that we are used to, then I expect you to say the same thing about Barry O.
  2. All politicians are liars. Why are you surprised by this..? Lol Were you saying the same thing about Obama and his lies?
  3. ETXfan16

    Cowboys Draft Needs

    I'm not to worried about the offense that much, nor the first level on D. I am a little worried about the secondary though. I was hoping to get Earl Thomas, but maybe someone else comes along to help with the safety position.
  4. ETXfan16

    ⚾️ Rangers 2019 Thread ⚾️

    Which division would top the AL west? And I'm not saying that because I'm a Rangers fan. Pretty certain we will finish at the bottom, but the A's, Astros, and Mariners are all playoff potential ball clubs (definitely the astros)
  5. ETXfan16

    ⚾️ Rangers 2019 Thread ⚾️

    Is the AL West the best division in Major League Baseball?
  6. ETXfan16

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Texas has gone from hosting a regional to possibly not making one at this rate. I hope its just a mid season lull and they can get out of it quickly.
  7. ETXfan16

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Wishing him a speedy recovery! Hope he can make a comeback and put on that maroon.
  8. ETXfan16

    Stanley Cup Playoff About to Start.

    Stars take game 1 vs Nashville on the road. Huge win for the good guys.
  9. ETXfan16

    Thank you DIRK

    To the greatest Maverick ever... Thank you for representing our city with class and terrific leadership. My favorite athlete of all time. 41.21.1
  10. I think he's being sarcastic because of the title of the thread haha
  11. ETXfan16

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    I've accepted that Shaka will return for 1 more year. But he won't be here after that. That's a fact
  12. ETXfan16

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    I know it's just the NIT, but you end your season on a win and a high note. I'll gladly take that.
  13. The scene behind the plate was confusing from where I was sitting. It looks like he told Hinch that whoever was arguing strikes and balls had a warning. And then the very next pitch he did kept arguing and tossed him. You know how umpires are when it comes to arguing balls and strikes these days. If I'm the Astros, I'm not worried. I would rather be in a slump now than later in the season.
  14. ETXfan16

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Honestly, I chose to watch the Rangers and Astros last night