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  1. Ok and if he actually started we would have won the championship. Foolish decision on Brooks part. If anyone thinks the Thunder were better off sitting Harden on the bench they are a fool. Harden has been a top 5 scorer every season since he left, and now the Thunders weakest spot is at Shooting Guard. Trust me, they regret letting him go.
  2. Really? Running game worked? For some reason I don't think having Marion Barber as your starting RB equates to having a working run game. But maybe you are referring to the workhorse, Tashard Choice. Our run game didn't "work" until we got Demarco and a better offensive line out of the draft. So no I don't think Jason Garrett has caused the team to improve in any way, whatsoever.
  3. Really? How so? Seems like we have been going downhill. Things that used to be good (i.e. offensive line, play calling, etc), are no longer good. If you are seeing some "slight" improvement I can't see it and neither can anyone else apparently. That falls on the head coach.
  4. He needs to give it up soon. He's getting to the age to where he can't stay on the field. Cowboys should make a move for Manziel, Kaepernick, or my preferred choice, Matt Stafford (assuming the lions clean house). There isn't a standout college QB, so the draft isn't an option this year.
  5. Not going to happen. Only way Jerry will give up being the GM is if he dies. However, even though Red is just a puppet, he does nothing at all to improve the team. Even if he doesn't make major decisions, he does make smaller decisions like play calling, the way the team practices, and goals for practices. When the team continues to have the same problems on the field week in and week out, that falls on the play calling and poor practicing.
  6. How do you propose that the Cowboys replace their GM, who also happens to own the team?
  7. Absolutely. He has no control over the team and is not respected as a coach.
  8. Scott Brooks is trash. This is the guy who had James Harden on his team and wouldn't let him start. There is a shortage of decent NBA coaches so I can see him going somewhere. Houston is a possibility. Houston would be the last place KD would go.
  9. He is a puppy for Jerry Jones. I get so sick of seeing him standing on the sidelines clapping and patting the players on the back every time something bad happens. That doesn't help anyone. We need a coach with some balls again.
  10. I totally agree with Charles. What do people want to do? Execute the guy? What about Ray Lewis? The man killed someone and he is on TV as a sports commentator and a motivational speaker!
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