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  1. I thought the pride of center was the walmart and the mcdonalds that sells pain medication.
  2. Only a moron would play a playoff game on a Saturday when their state championship game is on a thursday at noon, a bigger idiot plays it when his game his championship game is Wednesday at 7. OR that team/Coach has no expectation of making it that far.
  3. Social media boys. You can make up anything you want and get a man fired or ran through the ringer. Heck, you can even get clever and ruin the mans family and career if you are that jealous of him.
  4. Don't matter. Teach discipline, develop work ethic, win...wont matter eventually your going to be hung and drug, people hate successful coaches as much as they hate a loser...probably more so. That's why the good ones move on, have to be smarter than the villagers
  5. The truth is those where made up lies by racists, which is what i suspect in this matter.
  6. Why would Joaquin and west sabine spread the same rumor about tenaha last year?
  7. What happened with the Logansport scrimmage? Rams put it on them pretty good the past two year.
  8. Both you boys are better men, so dont take It further. Past is past.
  9. I don't totally agree but I understand your point of view. Give me a coordinator that stays gap sound and coaches technique focused on stance and starts, hand placement and fits. The worst coordinators are trying to dial up blitzes and stunts all the time. The best defenses I have ever coached we almost exclusively went on automatics, call a blitz or stunt in thirds and fourths situationally. Other than that line up gap sound to the formation and auto adjustments per alignments of receivers and backfield. Typically when you do that you stay true to the data and don't "coordinate" your way out of a game.
  10. Any head coach that doesn't know the offensive and defensive game plan as good as his coordinators is neglecting his duty. Any head coach that isn't extremely involved in both game plans is neglecting his duty. After 5 or 6 years if you haven't taken the time to become extremely knowledgeable in all three phases of the game you are lazy. Doesn't make any sense, how can you be good enough to coordinate if you are not an expert on the strengths and weaknesses in the opposing schemes and techniques. Therefore if you are an OC you should be able to coach and draw up a defensive game plan in a variety of schemes and visa versa for a dc. I was taught that by one of the best in the business at the 5a level, and yes, it produced two state championships. That being said, I am sure Lindale has a great head coach and if needed he can coordinate a defense or has an assistant that put the time in and is ready to do the job.
  11. If im not mistaken isn't this going to be the fourth guy in since 2012? Almuete, Bradford, this guy, and this next one? or am I missing one?
  12. If they hire or entertain a "guy" that had a hand in orchestrating, promoting, or instigating the incident with the previous coach, AND it can be proven, somebody is going to get cut a very nice check.
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