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  1. Slight thread drift here..... Nice to see several Waco-area teams still playing this time of year: Quarter Finals: China Spring - 4A, Bosqueville & Crawford playing each other (same district, to boot) 2A-D1, Mart 2A-D2, Live Oak - TAPPS 6 man Semi Finals: Reicher - TAPPS
  2. I know they're the underdog, but gotta pull for our friends down the road. China Spring GATA!
  3. Sadly, I have to agree. There's always hope, but that gonna be a tough row to hoe for whoever wins Friday.
  4. Yessir. Lot of folk said we would be whipped by halftime. Toughest playoff game for us coming up this Friday. Would be nice to get past Crawford for a change, but I don't know....
  5. Mart 49-21 Competition's getting better, but not at the same level.
  6. Some say 1st game score was close due to Crawford having a couple starters out (injury). I can't confirm or deny that; it was the word on the street from the Crawford side. Couldn't figure out if BV looked better than normal or Crawford looked a little off. Maybe a combination of both. Definitely the closest BV has played them in a while. Supposedly Crawford is now at 100% so this game will be a good test of how they really match up with both teams firing on all cylinders. Much as I want BV to get the upset, it will take a huge effort. I really hope they can pull it off - not 100% s
  7. Will def be an uphill battle all the way for BV. Crawford does what they do very well. Heart says BV, head says Crawford, although I'd be OK if I were wrong on this one. At this point, I'm happy to see two Dist. 7 teams playing for the region.
  8. Bremond by a score. This thread needs a poll.
  9. I'd say Cooper will be tested big time, but I'm a little biased. Some in these parts are predicting a blowout, but I think it could be reasonably close based on what I know about BV and the little bit I've seen regarding Cooper. Taking the homer pick. Bosqueville by 2 TD's. Hope it's a good, injury-free contest. Looks to be approximately a 2 1/2 hour drive for both schools.
  10. Agreed. I'm centex as well and Holland went about as far as I thought they would, and not sure they go quite as far this year. Hope they prove me wrong; I'm all for seeing "local" teams succeed. Probably will beat Garrison, but I'm pretty confident if that happens Timpson will show them the door in regionals. You're right about the fans, too.
  11. Going with Holland by 1, maybe 2 TD's. Might be closer than some think - I think.
  12. I'll take China Spring by single digits. Looks like a good one.
  13. Pirates by 2 scores. Everyone got bugs to work out right now, so both teams maybe not at 100% yet. Thinking score could be relatively close. Like others have said, ball control has not worked well in recent times against La Vega. They returning enough on D to make that a valid argument. Ground-n-pound only works when you can score after that super long drive and have the D to get your opponent back off the field real quick. Honestly don't see that happening here. Give La Vega an inch, they'll take a mile on ya. PLC gets behind a couple TD's it will be a very long night. Go Pirates
  14. Right on the money IMHO and basically the same thing my sister-in-law, a recently retired ER nurse with 30+ years experience, told me.
  15. From what I've seen, Hamlin looks to be legit. I think they'll make Mart work the first half, but look for the Panthers to pull away 2nd half. Mart 42-21. GATA.
  16. The general sentiment seems to be in favor of Carthage, here and in other places I've looked, so wouldn't a LV win technically be an upset?
  17. Sticking with our friends on the other side of I-35. Pirates by a TD.
  18. My money's on the Rams; and this thread needs a poll.
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