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  1. Fully agree. Duncan is an all time great. I also think the spurs will be fine without him though. Leonard and aldridge are the future. And lets not forget they will still have parker for a good while longer. I honestly think they win another championship this year. GS will be tough but i think they will beat them
  2. Ready for that Van vs Lindale game. Always a good one
  3. Not sure what to expect next season. I know Lindale lost a few seniors but I'm hoping they play as hard as this past season. Should be a good year
  4. Mediocre? Right. Play calling or not, that mediocre team came close winning. Play calling cant be that bad all game
  5. Yea me too. Im just hoping Lindale is still good next year. I know we're losing some of our key players
  6. Is it true that Mineola's running back will be at Lindale next year? I heard from someone that lives in Mineola and knows someone on the Lindale coaching staff that he actually lives in Lindale now but since he started his season in Mineola he was alowd to finish it there. Anyone heard anything about this?
  7. Very proud of our boys this year. A lot of really close games with really good teams. I heard through the grapevine that Lindale will be getting Mineola's running back next year. He lives in Lindale now but started his season in Mineola so he had the option to finish the season with them. Hopefully he will fill the void of not having Ryan Taylor next year
  8. Right on JT. Way to keep 16-5A alive. Good luck the rest of the way
  9. Good season Eagles. Gave everyone we played a fight till the end, made the playoffs, and proved we're not scrubs
  10. Lindale has been in this position a couple of times this year and came back. Not worried yet. Still another half of football left
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