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  1. I understand that but the Clarksville story just seems more drastic. A middle of the road 3A county seat town dwindling down to what it currently is at in that amount of time seems out of the ordinary. I was just curious why? Maybe a factory or plant with some big revenue shut down?
  2. What happened? Why did the town dry up?
  3. Houston ####, it's dirty and worse traffic. NRG was nice but like others have said it just did not have the same atmosphere as AT&T does.
  4. Well I just left NRG a little disappointed, hate to see Celina's QB break his arm in two places on the opening drive. Terrible luck, I think of he doesn't get hurt we have a close ball game on our hands. WOS was fast and physically and a very good team, Jack dallas is a stud and so was their Nose tackle.
  5. Just left NRG a little disappointed, not near as nice as Jerry's world
  6. Exactly, just ask gilmer when CHS QB took it 60 yards to the house and left them boys.
  7. Don't let Celina fool you, they have plenty of speed.
  8. All I've heard for weeks is how celina hasn't played anybody and gilmer will kill them. Celina is the better team and we're about to find that out here in the second half
  9. I'm not gonna lie I'm a little biased in this game, I have a little cousin that starts on the D-Line for Celina so I'm picking the bobcats by 12!
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