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  1. More like Longview Charter School.
  2. You chose the wrong song. You should have chosen "Pigs, Three different ones"
  3. Maybe they need to adopt the law in Texas. Texas law prohibits the display of a firearm in a public place in a "manner calculated to alarm". Seems like this is what the protesters were doing. Just saying...
  4. Do you know what apples to oranges mean? Apparently not.
  5. Exactly, there has only been one or two cases of voter fraud in the last twenty years in Texas. Call The gov as he will confirm. Thanks
  6. You don’t have to prove you are a citizen to REGISTER according to the law! It says nothing about VOTING! That’s what the process is for. Your registration is or should be reviewed by the state or election board and ruled ineligible. That how the process works. This ruling is about registering to vote not voting.
  7. Proof of voter fraud please. Unless it’s millions don’t reply. Thanks
  8. I love it when people think they know more about the Constitution than the people who are sworn to uphold it...
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/29/politics/federal-appeals-court-kansas-voter-law/index.html
  10. Barr is a joke for an attorney general. There are more competent lawyers in East Texas that could do better.
  11. Love how the military shaped your mind. Bet that attitude gets you far on judgement day.
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