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  1. Bottom line is Prince was a horrible hire to start with. I'll be the first to admit there is not a better defensive coordinator at this level than he. However, some coaches are just simply put not head coach material and he is the perfect example. Look at his record as a coordinator. I believe 3 count them 3 state championships. But when it comes to being the head guy he just simply cannot get it done regardless of where he was at. He was given a shot because he is a home town kid and his time is now up. He is a wonderful role model to the kids and I for one appreciate that. However, t
  2. Are we sure the Garrison coach has lost his identity? I am thinking he may have found it again. Have you looked at his record as a head coach? Seems we are back to the same ol' same ol' with him.
  3. Hope Herring took notes with a minute left in the game and you’re up by two scores.... you get in the victory formation. Good to see him humbled!
  4. Herring is classless! Plain and simple! I don't care if the score was 100-0, if you can't shake hands with every kid on the other team after the game, find another profession because you're a joke to this one.
  5. Got beat in every aspect of the game!!! Get after em next week Refugio!! Go get another trophy!!!
  6. And he gets his own 15 yard penalty.....definitely fits right in
  7. I can see why the coach fits in down there.....just gonna leave this right here!!!!
  8. What it means is that some folks like SA and some folks like Refugio. What seems to be forgotten, is it doesn't matter who we pick or who they pick. There are some high school boys that will decided the outcome of this game this evening. All these picks don't mean anything and won't play any part in the outcome of the game tonight. Safe travels to everyone going to the game!!
  9. It's finally game day so I'll post. Tonight's the night we've all been waiting on since last Friday night and hopefully after tonight we will be waiting on next Wednesday night. There's only four teams left standing in this big ol' state we love to call home and I'm so proud of this team being one of them. These boys have worked hard and so far they are perfect! Have they executed every play perfect? No, I don't think so, but as a team they are perfect because you see there's a zero in the loss column. Now tonight there's going to be some boys from Refugio that want to change that. So all you
  10. Pick 6 to end the game but call it back too....nice 102 yard run though
  11. Little late.... already lined up for extra point and then call TD back
  12. Davis from 14 yards out.....3 possessions 3 TD’s....2 point try good....21-7 SA
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