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  1. Watched a little on them on hudl, appears they are a spread and throw team. Very fast from the looks of it. QB doesn't run, but they do run the wildcat formation some....Could be an interesting match up for the bobcats! Hallsville hasn't faced anyone that throws this much
  2. Hallsville runs a spread like offense, alot of read option stuff if i remember correctly. They have blown out some teams, but other than LV, Marshall and T High the district is VERY weak!!
  3. I don't know the yardage #'s, but i've seen Hallsville a few times times this year and they have a BIG problem vs the run....they can't stop it the few games i saw. And the play-action....oh my!!
  4. This could be interesting then! I haven't been impressed with the bobcat D-line all year....
  5. How is Ennis' O-line?? I know they like to run the ball, which could be a problem for the bobcats. Specially if their O-line is physical and big....Hallsville DL got smashed by Longview's OL.... As for Hallsville, they have to move the ball and convert 3rd downs! They will need more help on offense other than that RB...If Ennis' defense can contain the outside it might be a long night for the bobcats!
  6. LV takes this. T High defense isn't as good as they've been in the past. So LV by +20
  7. I haven't seen PT first hand yet. But they seem to be much improved from last year. MP running game is decent, but i dont know if it will be enough. Might be a high scoring game...
  8. I want Hallsville to win this and get back on track, but again that Hallsville D just can't stop anyone...Hallsville just looks flat all around!
  9. This is tough one. I wanna pick Hallsville, but that defense hasn't shown me they can stop anyone yet...So, i go with T high just for that reason!
  10. Its Hallsville. I guess they decided to go full speed everyday on the open week.
  11. I'm taking Marshall. The talk around Hallsville is they ended the open week more beat up then the week before....Marshall by 17
  12. Texas High takes this one, beats the bulldogs by 17+
  13. Hallsville's D-Line is only good when they put in the two kids from the O-line (Anderson and Braun), they can't play 100% on Offense and 40-60% of snaps on Defense and be effective. I'm sure Hallsville wins this, but they need to sure things up on D before they hit the road to Marshall in two weeks
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