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  1. I think kids who do one act play, debate, math, science, actually work as hard as athletes. Try listening to some coaches and athletes interviews on the news and it's obvious they never participated in any of these events. All the athlete's at Bullard the past 10 years have been on the girls side, with a few exceptions. Good luck to coach who gets this job.
  2. AAU? To be honest there are no real AAU teams in East Texas, boys or girls.
  3. I have a friend who identifies as a dog and says he is going to enter the Westminster dog show this year. why not?
  4. The last girl from East Texas to make All-American was Minta Spears from Bullard, she averaged 34 points a game her senior year and scored 51 against a good John Tyler team. I know she had four D1 offers her freshman year from mid-majors and committed to Texas Tech her Junior year, played two years at Tech, graduated early and had two years eligibility remaining and will graduate with a Masters degree from Vanderbilt in May. Started all four years and was also captain all four years. I believe there are a few girls in East Texas that may be able to play a small D1, but none that would make it in Big 12 or SEC. Best advice is go where you will be able to play! Maineman1988 you may want to do the math on how much a bachelors degree and Masters degree from Vanderbilt is worth. Basketball? I'm talkin basketball!!!
  5. Spoken like a true Obama liberal! Out dated view? I guess you agree with Obama and Oprah that there is more than one way to heaven? I better stop or there will be a protest or an excuse for some group to take a day off this week.
  6. That gym will be just fine for these games, I was at game on Friday and surprised at how many empty seats were available. Speaking of 4A gyms, have you seen Spring Hills?
  7. I hope a few Gilmer football fans read this. I'm talking about that 3 or 4% who think they know it all. You know the ones that everybody shakes their heads at and just laughs.
  8. Tatum wants no part of Argyle! Girls from Argyle just too skilled and too much BBall IQ for lady birds.
  9. eagle noun A large bird with a hooked bill, broad strong wings, and sharp eyesight. Eagles soar high in the air when hit by a BUCKEYE!
  10. Wonder why they didn't do this story about tatum? :coolio:
  11. Couldn't be talent, weren't they little dribbler champions? lol
  12. Coach Duncan always had a good girls program at Spring Hill. SH in my opinion would be a very tough place to coach. I have been really impressed the last few years with the boys coach at SH, but just give it some time he will upset the wrong parent and be gone.
  13. A few years ago I was at a Jr. high game and a dad from our team made a complete fool of himself and it was hilarious. The opposing team was playing a 2-3 zone and their taller girl was standing in middle of lane with her hands up, the dad sitting on our side was yelling as loud as he could at refs, 3 SECONDS, 3 SECONDS. I looked at my buddy and ask if we should correct him and we both agreed to let him yell, he probably wouldn't have believed us anyway. lol
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