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  1. Paul Pewitt job is open again?
  2. Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we have to take the L and move one. Learn to take defeat and upsets in life.
  3. This job should draw lots of high profile candidates!
  4. This is all I can see when I hear Brocker's voice. They do a good job, but it's tough to listen to
  5. Crosby's run comes to an end at the hands of the slot-t Mafia
  6. Native Brahmas hang on to a close one against Mt. Vernon Community college. Too much ground and pound, too much speed AttaKid
  7. They tried moving from their "antiquated" system for three years under Gentry, huge mistake. One of the best movies Abron made was allowing Kumrow to bring the slot-t back.
  8. So, what I get from this video is that if you run the spread offense, or any offense other than the wing-t, you will have better athletes. The spread doesn't require offensive linemen that can move and backs that "perform their assignments equally well?" That makes no sense.
  9. Ain't no small school football coach gonna want this job w/o being AD/HC.
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