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  1. Heard they might play Maud next week
  2. Better not speed in Frankston you will get a ticket. I did last friday
  3. This is always gonna be a problem In Texas football till Uil decided to make an example out of 1 school I hope its today.
  4. Its game day I can hear the thunder!!!
  5. So what your saying is if you dont catch your wife cheating the first 2 times then the 3rd time it makes it ok. Lol
  6. How about we all just move in really 3 players and see who wins I mean if you want to be fair.
  7. I also watched hooks vs. New Boston and New Boston moved the ball well just keep fumbling and throwing interceptions. If hooks let them move the ball like that its gonna be a long night against those mustangs.
  8. I have seen hooks play they are run heavy team and when they throw usually to 1 kid. They are not as good as jefferson or Atlanta by a long shot. Hs by 2 scores.
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