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    American, on a world stage, has been an economic and military powerhouse for almost 2 centuries. Still is. Global leader in education, wealth, manufacturing, etc. Lately, I think the "MAGA" slogan is a reaction to the growing sentiment that the US isn't the greatest country to live in anymore....we are still a rich country with the world's best military, but education, healthcare, and overall quality of life doesn't even come close to the top nations in those categories. When did that happen? Over the last 20-30 years. I feel a lot of the support of Trump on here is based on vague cliche
  2. guess you’ll have to see on Friday
  3. Can’t throw the ball at all. Really relying on the defense to make plays. Seems like they know they are outgunned and so they want to slow the ball game down, limit # of possessions and hope big plays happen. The last couple weeks they’ve hung with solid teams. Will be hard to compete with PG/Gilmer without passing game though.
  4. Pitt seemed to find something last week, I’ll think they’ll roll on this week but it’ll be close. Did they make a QB switch or still rolling with both of em?
  5. It'll be a developing season. I think there are around 6 soph starting on defense alone. Good thing about this district is all you need is 1 win lol.
  6. No idea bc both teams lost a bunch, but going with Pitt.
  7. PG will probably be Pre-Season #1 in 4A-2. Their roster is by far the deepest and most talented in the area for 4A-2. Really would be surprised if they didn't make another deep playoff run.
  8. hmm. i see a hold for sure, but not on #56. the right guard holds. And maybe #56 did hold if you saw it from a different angle. Also would have no problem with a no-call, always in favor of "when in doubt, don't throw a flag"
  9. Dude, Lorena was good. Probably would be in contention for district title in D6. No one except for the QB was super exceptional, but they were solid and disciplined in every phase of the game. Connally and Gilmer were quality opponents too. Round 1, yes that was basically a tune-up game for PG and Pitt. As far as depth--it affects Pitt, but not for the reasons that everyone is saying. We haven't blown a lead or really got blown out because dudes were tired. In fact we've had comebacks against good teams and consistently have made big plays late in close games. Depth affects Pitt because
  10. I just think its a totally arbitrary stat. We should have "maybe" shutout Gilmer or SH, but the points they scored had 0 impact on the game. Pitt's margin of victory over the 2 other D6 playoff teams was 26 points more than PG. But, that's also pretty irrelevant. There are a lot of evidence-based reasons PG fans can point to on why they will win this game, but this ain't it.
  11. Just looking at the last PG game, we were able to move the ball really well. Without an interception in the end zone it could have been 21-7 in the first half. I’m pretty sure we had a punt blocked or something like that too, in addition to 2 picks in the 2nd half. Basically just eliminate mistakes and it’s completely different. But it will take a near perfect game...
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