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  1. Don’t need police force when ya got Roy “By God” Cheatwood on the trail of meth heads. ( And yes he has his hands full around these parts)... Timpson Rancho may be better but they don’t have the blanco queso and that’s a shame....
  2. Heard from a buddy of mine that a Ramnado was coming Friday to Timpson......
  3. 1) If there was a license needed to post on Smoaky then yours should be revoked after your comments 2) You sound like you are way too old to be living with your parents 3) If you chose to move to Timpson then that disqualifies you from posting as well
  4. Guess I didn’t recognize it as wishbone cuz y’all threw the ball. We ran double tight end straight wishbone and only threw a tight end hot pass.... of which I couldn’t complete as a sophomore or we would’ve been unstoppable....
  5. I typed this and it wouldn’t load so I screenshot it.... Didn’t feel like typing it again....
  6. Willie Pipkin, Stacy Thompson, Bronson Holmes, some little bitty guy was nose guard that would cause all kinds of havoc.... and I was more early 90’s than mid ... 90-94. I won one of the 4yrs.....45-0 that was a mistake cuz the next year the beat the #### out me 35-0 the next year and my senior year was a defensive struggle of a 6-0 loss.... I didn’t have my RB that game and lined up at every position on the field....I can’t ever remember Tigers being terrible at any period of time.....alot of tough gritty athletic kids always
  7. Wasn’t any wishbone when I played em. Latham was throwing it around
  8. Or maybe like Tenaha best player.... Don’t really think Tenaha can say anything about transplants....JS
  9. Don’t plan on being behind. Ftball is not just an offensive game. Everyone sees the flashy big plays and says Timpson gonna score 100pts..... What happens when the big plays aren’t connecting. I’d rather have a consistent attack and something dependable.
  10. Joe has seen good Qb’s, Rb’s, and Wr’s.... They all have one thing in common.... After the game they are disappointed because they don’t have same results as in previous games. Joe defense is a combination of talent and scheme. Joe defense coordinator is the best around these parts. Joe offense is not slow and methodical. They run straight at ya and do it again within 20-25 seconds and the cumulative results begin to take effect as the game goes on.
  11. Ram offense will have to help their defense. If Bears offense is on sideline then they can’t score.
  12. Definitely let his emotions get the best of him. Very fortunate the other player wasn’t injured.
  13. Yes he laid there for a while but got up. #12 punted and Soto was the return man. Shanked the punt out of bounds to the track . Punt traveled about 12yds. Soto ran over towards sideline and #12 comes flying in and he absolutely smashed Soto helmet to helmet. 30yds in penalties and #12 was ejected.
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