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  1. I’m sure this cancellation stuff is gonna affect scheduling going forward..... Better programs will have to quit scheduling softer teams and go more for the blue blood programs to ensure they play
  2. It’s not fair but it’s the price ya pay for being a good team nowadays. From what I’ve heard and read our staff has a really hard time filling out our schedule the past few years and teams are canceling cuz 1-2 key players may be out instead of just playing the game....once this was introduced it gives less competitive programs an easy out
  3. Joe up 39-20 with 3:00 left in 3rd. Joaquin RB2 gets injured on long run. He’s also LB2..... so Joe is our RB1/LB1 and RB2/LB2.... missing 3 other kids already. Moved kids around and Joe ran out of gas from lack of bodies and early season game..... not making excuses but just presenting context on the outcome. B’ville sensed blood in the water and took over the game late. Joaquin had 500yds offense and lost.... but where I differ is I think B’ville QB is absolute stud and on defense is as impressive downhill tackler as I’ve seen. His power run game and the way they move young playmaker around
  4. Perhaps the score was reported wrongly..... It was 14-14 and even 21-21 at half is what was reported before B’ville pulled away in 2nd half
  5. Through 4 games Joaquin avg 410yds per game rushing....And that’s missing 2 starters for multiple games..... Couple years ago they avg 360yds per game when Joe had state participants in backfield.....
  6. They are basically the same......beat em 50-60 to 0 last few years
  7. Not counting them out but WS isn’t a team you guys oughta struggle with. If your strong point is coming from behind then I would say the bigger issue is why are you behind in the first place?....... It’s not every week you gonna be able to count on a team having turnovers or injuries to let ya back into the game.....Bearcats have a heck of a squad this year with some absolute studs.... but consistency is what’s gonna beat the really good teams come playoff time..... I say B’ville wins this week but don’t mess around with a Baker coached team cuz he’ll make ya pay for mistakes..... B’ville by 1
  8. It’s 24-24 to enter OT.... Gilmer kicks FG to get 27... Carthage scores TD and they I’m guessing they have to kick XP.... perhaps they don’t, then it’s 30-27 final
  9. Was gonna say B’ville convincingly but they struggled with WS so I’m leaning towards Carlisle
  10. If OC didn’t like Joaquin run game then they ain’t gonna like Waskom even more.... running clock in 2nd qtr
  11. Ya gotta quit picking with your heart. You just wishing ole Joe will lose.....Anyone with half a brain knew they’d kill OC.....
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