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  1. Yep.....But community, staff, Admin, and Board have to be on the same page. That's a rare find these days
  2. Look at how it's a revolving door of coaches in every sport. Too much arguing and no harmony as a program. Sville doesn't know if they want to be baseball. basketball.or ftball school. Community always fussing about who to hire.....
  3. I may reside in Joe now but I learned how to read at Sville so it’s even worse..... And you are correct in your physicality assessment. East Tx athletes for the most part rely on pure athleticism for success. When a team is less athletic but buys into the more physical side of ftball then purely athletic guys do tend to shy away from the challenge on a nightly basis.... And to be fair it’s a hard sell to the kids to buy into it..... I could name multiple but places like Shiner the mentality side of physical ftball is a cultural thing.....And clearly Shiner thrives in it. One of the better all
  4. 260lb vs 180lb...... not possible for Timpson to do it all night. Not sustainable for the health of the Timpson defender. Sometimes it’s not the “x” and “o’s”.... It’s the Jim and Joes.... And those were clearly in Shiner’s favor last night....
  5. I don’t know if teams “don’t want to” is correct terminology..... for instance the OLB or DE for Timpson had to wrong shoulder the lead blocker for Shiner all night in order to be effective. He tried but at most he was 180lbs and blocker was 260lb RB or 250lb pulling linemen.... I think it’s better said that he just wasn’t capable of sustaining the blow all night. Multiple times he was bent over holding shoulder or neck... That takes a toll on a thin dude
  6. Another problem is people need to travel and get out and see other areas play ftball. I’ve lives in East Tx my whole life but travel to all playoff games I can and state games as well. East Tx people only watch their local teams and think they are the best thing ever.
  7. 2A or small school ..... Small towns where people generally don’t move away and their kids attend same school as mom and dad
  8. It’s simple genetics guys.... Good friend of mine has a saying “The calf gonna look like the cow”..... mostly he refers to women when he says this but it applies to ftball players as well. Shiner’s sideline full of 6’0”-6’2” kids at 200lb-250lbs and are athletic. The stands behind them full of parents with that genetic pedigree. Add the 4 to 5 really fast athletes and you have a recipe for success. Shiner’s down field blockn is huge for the RB success. Most East Tx linemen are 5’7”-5’10” and 230lb-270lb and can’t move quite as well. Deep playoff runs are won at line of scrimmage. Avg onlookers
  9. Shiner is best “Team” I’ve seen in quite a while. They check all the boxes.....To me that’s where Region 3 suffers. Sure Reg 3 has their share of good players on any given team but Reg 4 seems to have multiple even several...... Shiner rotated 4-5 RBs into the game. SA had the best diversity of good players from Reg 3 in last several years.... Not only skilled kids but linemen as well.
  10. #22 for Timpson is 195lbs..... #1 for Shiner grabbed him with one hand and stopped em.... That’s dadgum impressive
  11. Shiner making it look easy.... Timpson has no answers. Shiner is rotating 4-5 RBs in the backfield..... #1 is a bulldozer
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