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  1. How come we he says #### match it doesn’t get blotted out? But when I say it then it gets bleeped out..
  2. It’s not about Trump. It’s about how corrupt and incompetent Biden is. Dude he doesn’t even know where he is half the time. I don’t care for Trump the person but his policies have been positive for AMERICA and that is what’s it’s all about. Isn’t a politician alive that doesn’t have skeletons in their closet and for that matter if you or I were under the public microscope and our lives examined I doubt very highly that we would measure up as well..... and not to mention just the out right lies being spread. Any rational person can see the virus, although it’s real, has been politicized cuz of
  3. Either that or they just stupid.... or maybe lying and stupid
  4. UIL needs to mind their own business. If a county is under 20 active cases then mask mandate is off..... clearly states it in GA-29.... just another example of govt entity attempting to infringe on personal rights. Not UIL job to be medical theory enforcers..... Everyone use common sense and the season will be fine
  5. CDC came out ysday and said Covid19 isn't spread through the air. Said it was a mistake to use that terminology..... I'm telling ya this is going away after the election......Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing
  6. Spread offense. Like to sling it around. Has athletes on the field to throw to and a good looking RB. Don't appear too disciplined on defense. Slot-t may give em a little trouble
  7. Prayers young man. Stay strong in your faith. You will see him again one day.
  8. B’ville is better than people think. This isn’t B’ville from previous years. Oughta be a good one. If B’ville plays mistake free they just may pull the upset
  9. Nothing will top the Ram/Jacket thread from last year.... It was epic
  10. After the election everything will be different
  11. You are never 6ft from someone more than 15mins...... If you are then you ####....BTW don’t try and make reason out of the protocols...... none of them make sense. CDC just pulls stuff out their butt on a daily basis.
  12. Hey all you thick headed folks..... It’s called gamesmanship..... Nobody got the ddamn virus... chill out..... and no, if one person is positive the whole team doesn’t have to quarantine.....SMDH
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