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  1. Boy we cant stop shooting ourselves in the foot
  2. Ef stopping the run better than anyone has on us all season.
  3. Well hopefully our freshman is ready to tote the rock..
  4. Havent heard anything of that nature. I hope it isnt true..
  5. Naw bud, I like the trash talk. I do agree that whoever has a couple stops or gets a TO will have this game. I hope both teams leave it all out there.
  6. QB-New Mexico. Rb has too many to list. Both seniors.
  7. Show it. Be the tough guy you always wanted to be..
  8. But yet yall the ones throwing trash..funny comment. Tick tock.
  9. What a game. Both teams played a heckuva game.
  10. Yea our RB hasn't committed yet, but you will see in less than 24hrs why he has multiple offers. Qb committed to D1 school and you'll get to see that too.
  11. Yea you shouldn't be scared. He only the top rusher in the area over the past 2 seasons. He ain't nothing.
  12. I'm really glad to know yall are on a mission. I'll tell the boys so we dont get in the way..blahahaha
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