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  1. Go Indians! Wishing yall all the luck!
  2. You need to look in mirror and see the real dimwit. You are not nearly as smart about football as you think you are and make a fool of yourself every 3-4 posts you make. I am sorry but you really need to stop the foolishness and quit downgrading every team or kids on the teams.
  3. SA could get outcoached this week! Therwanger is not an amateur! You still making excuses for everything I see!
  4. You will meet your match one day when you aren't behind the screen. Negativity is not respected by many. Obviously, you don't comprehend that sir!
  5. Glad someone finally tells SA nut off as he has needed it for long time, negative about every team except SA, very small minded.
  6. Drennen won at Mineola and is now at Hallsville. Having tough time at Hallsville btw
  7. Prayers for family and communities. He was an athlete for sure.
  8. Maybe this is just the beginning of some good games. Yeah Cush!!
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