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  1. Thank you for saying that. He has put a lot of work in the past few seasons in has definitely showed on the field. It’s nice to hear opposing fans/ fans of football give him props. Good luck to the Jackets this season as well
  2. Maybe I’m old school, but why are we still talking about the Waskom game. It’s Carlisle this week and a different team every week til the season is over. My take on this Friday’s game is 55-0 Timpson. Have a great week everyone
  3. I’m gonna use @Ramfanforeverquote, I’m rolling with our district mates the Dragons by 1, cause like he said that’s all that’s needed to win. Good luck and safe travels
  4. He’s actually mine, but the whole team played a great game last night. Hats off to Waskom, good luck rest of the way
  5. Hate that for you guys, it seems to be hitting everyone at once Good luck rest of the season
  6. 41-0 Timpson over Frankston Halftime
  7. I don’t know what the final will be but I watched Frankston/Cushing scrimmage on Hudl . I don’t see Frankston getting inside the 20 all night. I could be wrong but that’s my take. Praying for an injury free 1st week and more importantly the 2021 season. Good luck to all athletes!!!
  8. It’s about that time. See everyone at the game. Safe travels
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