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  1. Carthage Jv Score from Bulldog Stadium: Carthage 48 Kilgore 0
  2. Carthage Non District: Week 1- against Crosby (in New Caney...New Caney football Classic) Week 2- against San Antonio Cornerstone (in Carthage BOTH years) Week 3- Marshall Week 4- open Week 5- Gilmer Week 6- Pleasant Grove
  3. LOL...as you are as well. What could make this factual? Statistics? Every single word we ALL say on here are opinions, right?
  4. Give me Carthage. I will give a score later on in the week.
  5. Carthage is Home. I will stand PROUDLY for the Carthage arrangement...as my two daughters (one a senior..SO HER LAST TIME)...play their extended version of the anthem.
  6. They had it wrong last week, so I don’t trust it. Lol
  7. Do we know what time AT&T is opening the gates to allow fans in? Trying to get some great seating for this one!
  8. Just wondering if there is ANYBODY excited about it being GAME DAY, other than me?!!
  9. Game Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. My daughter is a member of that Battlin' Bulldog Band and I just showed her this comment.....we shared a GOOD hearty laugh! LMBO
  11. Exactly, I'm STILL waiting on coachkells to address this statement. Although PG and Carthage were tied at 14 all in 3rd.
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