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  1. So now we result to unnecessary name calling? Ha! I'm an idiot? Again, you know NOTHING about me. Other than I'm not a fan of DJ Trump? LOL...YOU are old and pathetic. A Keyboard Warrior is what you are. I PROMISE you wouldn't say half of the things you say to people you disagree with on here to their face. You, as well as many others are cowards.
  2. No, I actually TEACH the differences in communism and socialism on the collegiate level...So I assume, you must be part of the Trump's "I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED". It's okay, we are all ignorant on certain things. Furthermore, the definition I gave came straight from the Oxford Dictionary, my good sir.
  3. LMAO...Um, okay...(head scratch)...What's your address, so I can send you some gourmet CHEESE to go with that WINE?? LMAO.....Have a GREAT day, sir!
  4. Your previous comments lets me know you are a little ignorant. In order for me to be a communist, I would have to believe the following: a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. NOTHING I've said promotes communism. Again, you do not know anything about me, sir.
  5. LMAO...Commie? Dude, you know NOTHING about me. Tough keyboard warrior.
  6. Kind of like how the SCOTUS last Wednesday afternoon rejected Republicans challenge that requires election officials to count mail-in ballots received within 3 days after Election Day in Pennsylvania ? Keep watching? O, I will...
  7. Kind of like the two lawsuits that were dismissed earlier this week? And the ones that MOST legal experts both democrat, republican and independent find frivolous? Those lawsuits? Oh okay....Y'all just keep cryin.
  8. Dumpty Trumpy is still crying claiming fraud. ONLY in the states he's losing in, of course. LMAO
  9. Only 1,797 down, with democratic mail-in counties left to report! Very possible! And I think he will take Nevada too...
  10. If PA keeps counting and reporting at the rate they are doing (and they are saying they are suppose to be counting throughout the night/morning), Biden will take the lead in PA by 5am. STAY TUNED!
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