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  1. The message that this sends to OUR Tigers: •One mistake doesn't define you. •Forgiveness is EVERYTHING! •A second-chance opportunity is a chance to right a wrong. •Courage: it takes guts and humility to admit you were wrong. Coaches are TEACHERS, first and foremost. For some, this is truly a teaching moment. Do we abandon those who we have considered family for so long? IMO, Family is family: we forgive, we work together, we come out stronger, we conquer What's that old adage? Once a TIGER, always a TIGER!
  2. Wait you can impact the game, or your kid can. I promise, nothing is learned on a message board... Just killing time with friendly banter
  3. There was also the TD that got called back... ref said kid celebrated on way to end zone... straightened up and ran in upright...
  4. Pretty sure this will not be an upset...but a given!
  5. According to the lady in Row P Seat 15... it is ME... with the excitement of a game winning touchdown, and a district championship on the line... I inadvertently grabbed her chest...instead of her shoulder... may be looking for new season tickets next season!
  6. The whole game is violent...when played correctly we are all entertained! Do I think the boys should just duke it out... I really don't care! I am sure the player with the sore ankle has moved on... I am sure he has football on his mind...and could care less! Pretty sure if the kid was penalized at the time of incident (ejection from game) he would have been 100% satisfied... Did the kid with the sore ankle continue to play... HECK YES! Why... because that is football...I am sure most players are extremely lucky all of the throat punches and junk grabs they commit aren't forever captured
  7. Seriously... you want to condone violence with violence... my post if you actually read...was in response to 8 pages of many comments...saying a myriad of things... IMO... stomped would require him raising is knee up to his chest and thrusting his cleat onto kids ankle...he placed cleat on ankle. Lifted opposite foot off of ground and did a hop on kids ankle...was it wrong? ABSOLUTELY...should he be punished ABSOLUTELY Should he be crucified and humiliated by anyone with access to the Internet? HECK NO... As a parent EVERYONES KID makes STUPID mistakes...not all of those are caught on film
  8. I am not justifying the QB's actions by any means... but man... some extremely harsh comments...so many comments about it being premeditated, and that he stomped the kids ankle...assault charges etc... I watched the video like 8 times. First of all, I am pretty sure he didn't "premeditate" this awful decision... Premeditated would have required forethought, and I am pretty sure if he thought about beforehand he would have realized it was a stupid decision, and wouldn't have made the poor choice... with that be said... he is a KID... isn't that the definition of being a KID...This was totally
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