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  1. Some of these school officials from large districts need to have a handler with them all the time to ensure they don’t say stupid stuff like this. Unless you are prepared to make the decision today, don’t give your personal thoughts off the cuff and put the entire district admin in a position to answer questions they shouldn’t have to answer.
  2. What value did these school districts gain out of making this announcement now to their coaches? As if there wasn’t already enough to deal with going into August.
  3. I saw a kid this week go through an hour workout on field in 95 degree heat with a mask on. Not a pansy jog but full speed foot drills, sprints and all. Never blinked. I was impressed.
  4. I think this discussion is going to include state funding questions for in-person students vs distance learning students at some point. If school district does not get funding for a distance learning student, why should they allow same student to participate in a school funded extracurricular program? Going to be some tough conversations between now and August!
  5. I gave you a like on the thread you quoted scripture. You are back to even.
  6. Schutt sales rep phone are blowing up today with this. For the purposes of this document, masks and face coverings include non-medical grade disposable face masks, cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth), or full-face shields to protect eyes, nose, and mouth. Face shields may be superior to cloth face coverings in many circumstances, given improved ability to see mouth movements and improved air circulation
  7. I’m following you and agree with most of your post. That is why the UIL and local school districts will need to revise current protocol on what happens when there is a positive case. It can’t be auto shutdown of the entire team for two weeks for all exposed. It’s going to have to include a positive or negative test to quarantine or release. Which means the local Dr that works with the schools better get ready to Covid test on a weekly basis. Teams can survive a week or two without 1-5 players but they can’t go two weeks without practicing or playing and compete. Lots of tough decisions are going to have to be made by end of the month.
  8. We can’t even agree as a society to the primary reason why a mask should be worn in public when social distancing cannot be attained. Do you honestly think the majority of people who had a light cough, sniffle, or mild headache going into this weekend self-isolated out of precaution and missed all the festivities? I hope I’m wrong.
  9. This is good, and certainly the deaths declining is a good trend. Let’s see what happens between now and July 18th. That will give us an idea of the impact of all the backyard BBQ’s, impromptu fireworks get togethers, and the beach vacations.
  10. I have been in many chicken houses. I know what you are describing. And yes I can imagine the sight of that tissue! But remember every reputable source says the same thing. The mask you are wearing in the chicken house, and the mask I am wearing to Wal-Mart is not designed to keep us from getting Covid. It will never work that way. But if we both have one on in public places where we can’t social distance, source control is attained.
  11. PF - while there is some truth to your statement that the Lord knows when your time will come before you are born, I believe God requires more of those who call upon His name and call themselves Christians. I believe we are to strive everyday to share his Love with others, like Jesus did for us, so more people will Believe. I don’t think we are here to “pray the prayer” and then not be intentional the remainder or our lives. I do not believe you can ever lose your salvation once you ask for it, but we are reminded over & over in the scriptures to be active and not sit back and be a spectator. This is a great conversation and one I continue to study and pray about in hopes that more will do them same and God will get the glory from it. Perhaps this whole quarantine is God’s way of removing distractions and providing us an opportunity to spend more time with our families and more time with Him.
  12. Individual athletes will have more options than team sports for sure.
  13. It is a great question and hopefully will steer people to open their Bible, do some reading on the topic, pray for clarity, and keep an open mind that God’s answer may be different from their political view.
  14. Ok fair enough. Still interested in your thoughts on the New Testament verses mentioned and how they factor into this discussion.
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