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  1. Wow looks like they should have stayed on the court during halftime.
  2. Good luck Lady Raiders & Coach Cochran vs Woodville today at 4pm.
  3. Only two seniors. Going to be solid again next year.
  4. I think Lafitte has it under control. No need to worry.
  5. Winnsboro punches their ticket to state with a 50-40 win over Howe.
  6. Must say I’m a little surprised Howe beat MPCH by 9 tonight. Winnsboro vs Howe Sat at 1pm.
  7. Confirmed. The Lady Raiders punched their ticket to the next round!
  8. UIL website has Winnsboro winning 59-51. They have been wrong before so I’d like to confirm with someone who was actually there.
  9. Prosper High School Fri Feb 28th. Winnsboro plays @ 6pm & MPCH plays @ 7:30pm. Winners will play @ 1pm Sat.
  10. Maybe they need to stay on the court at halftime.
  11. I predict MPCH will hit the century mark for the 3rd straight game in the playoffs, 4th on the season.
  12. Carthage will be solid on O. Return 7 starters from the 16-0 squad in 2019, plus will get help from undefeated JV & Freshman teams. However, D will be the challenge early on. Only return 3 starters. I could certainly see another 35-33 type game in 2020.
  13. Let’s recap. Harleton was 1-9 in 2018. Little inherited 5 starters on O and 5 on D. DCTF picked Harleton to finish dead last in the district in 2019 that included traditional powers Tenaha, Joaquin and Garrison. Somehow Harleton won district, 10 games and went 3 rounds deep in the playoffs. Regardless of classification, teams don’t make that kind of a jump without good coaching and a scheme the kids believe in and can execute. 3A D2 District 11 is really not all that tough in my opinion. Hughes Springs and Waskom will likely be the favorites, but I don’t see any reason why Harleton can’t lock up the 3rd spot easily with a chance to move up the district standings by knocking off one of the two favs. I agree Hallsville is not an appealing job now, especially with the position spilt. I don’t see Little considering going back as the HC, even if offered. Been there and done that. The $20k isn’t enough to put up with the BS everyone has mentioned on here. But I think he could be successful there with his scheme if given the time to implement and earn the kid’s trust.
  14. Crawl back? LOL. What did Harleton do with Wallace in 2018? I’ll wait on your response.
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