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  1. I need to post a 3 second video but I keep getting an error. I’m guessing because the file is too large. It’s a really good video of a play I saw vs Pitt & PG. Who can help?
  2. Dear Pitt DC, please put all 11 defenders within 5 yards of LOS against us Fri.
  3. Pitt avg’d 9 ppg before NL and SH avg’d 25 ppg before Covid break but somehow Pitt gonna beat SH by 14?
  4. I actually like both Pitt’s LB’s. D line not so much.
  5. Thanks to the Covid mess we didn’t get to find out.
  6. I have seen several plays that went opposite side and he made the tackle 10 yards downfield in pursuit. He gets about 10-11 tackles per game right? What happens on the other 50 plays? Judging from the scores it looks like if he doesn’t make the tackle there is a high probability of a TD.
  7. I agree #52 is a good LB. I have seen him on film. But if you think SH is going to change our identity this week vs a 1-6 team who’s only win is vs 0-8 NL you are crazy. We will gladly take 8-12 yards per carry while #52 gets his tackles down field.
  8. Why wouldn’t we send a few coaches not in quarantine to watch the Gilmer/Pitt game when we were not playing? We had already forfeited to LE and PG at that point. Pitt was the next game. And sorry to burst your bubble but SH is better than LE this year. Just wished we could have shown it on the field.
  9. I’ll save this post. Bullard said the same thing.
  10. We will get a full week of practice in this week. Panthers will be ready.
  11. You have no clue. Why would we take two weeks off when we could have beaten LE and gotten 3rd in district? And FYI when you have 2/3 of your kids and coaches quarantined you don’t get to practice.
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