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  1. In their defense, Carthage did have Crosby scheduled. It’s a shame they didn’t get to play because the outcome would have added color to this conversation.
  2. Doesn’t Carthage & Crosby play in August? I know they were supposed to play this year and Covid/weather cancelled it.
  3. I will say Aledo vs Carthage would have been a better championship game for both 4A D2 and 5A D2 fans. Anyone want to argue that?
  4. Didn’t Mykel Gates start as a freshman also in 2014 as a FB? Then moved the defense as a Soph. 2014-2017. 46-12?
  5. If he wants to play in college there is a place for him. He will just have to find it and go earn it. Maybe not D1, but he can earn a roster spot.
  6. Yes and quite possibly by a convincing margin. I applaud Crosby for the heroic win last night and the great run up to the title game but unfortunately I think Aledo will be way too much.
  7. The 2019 Sr’s that played 3 years on varsity were 46-1 I think. 16, 14, 16
  8. There were a few broadcasters I heard this year that were former Texas High School football coaches. Those guys did a great job.
  9. All due respect this one won’t be that lopsided. Crosby is a slight favorite at best. I will not be surprised to see LH pull out a W by 4 or fewer points.
  10. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see the Crosby vs Carthage matchup back in Sept.
  11. Merry Christmas Crawford from Spring Hill!
  12. The salary listed on the contract is not the only compensation available to a HC/AD.
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