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  1. 28-21 Carthage. No FG’s will be made, but at least one will be attempted.
  2. Dang Razor did y’all have a bounty on the LE kicker?
  3. There are some things about this post and article that are wrong or misleading. Best wishes to Gatson & his recruitment though. I’m sure he will find his way.
  4. I’m hearing some concerns that there are not enough seats on the home side. Actually less than old stadium. Are they relocating the band to an end zone? Or adding more seats from old stadium later?
  5. No lie. But where does it all go? We should have so much more in facilities for the amount they collect!
  6. Wait there’s more! You have to mention little Tennison too! He plays some DB & WR as a true freshman on varsity. He is electric with the ball.
  7. Don’t even mention taxes. Y’all don’t want to know about SH taxes.
  8. The Gilmer RB is also very dangerous. He played JV most of last year as a Soph and got moved up to varsity during the playoffs. He has great vision, has patience and follows his blockers well, and has explosive speed. Better account for him too!
  9. We are trying not to show too much before district….
  10. It’s ok. He would still have 400 yards and 8 TD’s in the SH offense.
  11. Just wow. He would have 400 yards and 8 TD’s in the SH offense by now!
  12. One thing is for sure, EB will tell you how young they are for the next 3 years.
  13. When JL picks one and sticks with him I’ll give you my one cent scouting report. So how many yards receiving and TD’s does your D1 WR have this year?
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