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  1. Wouldn’t that be interesting....
  2. C&C - Cotton is usually on point. So when he says “losing” it could be to a move or it could be to the offensive side of the ball. Both returning interior DL were really good OL at the sub varsity level. It would make sense to protect a new QB with your best dudes, especially if the incoming Jr class has a couple of DL that can play immediately.
  3. No but be honest it wouldn’t hurt having a few extra athletes either.
  4. I’m not a guru by any means. Just asked a simple question to C&C regarding the QB position.
  5. Should we expect Carthage to be a beneficiary in this “mess” by picking up a few more move in’s?
  6. Hate I could not make it last night. Wanted to see him in person.
  7. District 16-4ABULLARD 3, S. HILL 0: Hagen Smith struck out 13 and tossed a no-hitter as Bullard blanked Spring Hill, 3-0. Smith walked three, and Gage Wakefield, Bryce Jewell and Conner Carson drove in runs for Bullard.
  8. PG ranked too high. Carthage is young and should not be in top 25 at all. And how is Spring Hill & Kilgore not in top 25?
  9. They were 10-4 in 2018 and lost to PG in Regional Finals 44-41. They have the athletes to compete. IMO the problems were more off the field than on it.
  10. Hence why I described them as a Hoosiers type team.
  11. Yeah probably not the best matchup for Carthage but in the videos I watched they didn’t go inside much.
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