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  1. My money is on LK. I think they may give us a run for our money......HA. Nah. Doesn't matter..If you aint first, you're last!
  2. No contest. Praireland step aside. We got things to do.
  3. It's not even a competition. Can't go against those lady DAWGZ! Best cheers in TEXAS!
  4. To be honest, it'll be a neck and neck competition there superfan. However I do think that if QC can keep their goats from overheating when traveling that they should take the competition.
  5. Lincoln Financial Field actually. Mallett took over in Houston for me.
  6. Doesn't matter..they beat y'all by 35.
  7. no..3. Sólo lo suficiente para que su señora gritar.
  8. Nah..We'll be in it the whole game. Wearing black uniforms, 11 on the field.
  9. Living in the past one of the best playoff games in Texas that year.
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