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  1. To be fair, y’all did Wood shed us but we threw 4 pics. Kai played 100% in the air. It was wet and windy for both teams. Carthage had home field and HOCO. Carthage FIRST home game this year. There will be no wood shed either Way in this game!! Either way..
  2. Jasper put up the best fight against Carthage. This should be an amazing game!! Hopefully turnovers will not kill us in the air like it did against Carthage. Riders by 7
  3. Celina 5/10 45 yards throwing and 3 pix w/ best offense in Tx. and spears is getting hated on!! what's up with that..
  4. Because fans like maine can change the score how they would like to see it!! someone had the score Atlanta 100 / Gilmer 2...or vise versa
  5. Spears had at least 3 clutch throws against center in third and long situations! Without him that game could have ended a little different. Not saying we would have won, just saying he made some had to plays!!
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