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  1. I would like to ask for your continued prayers for the University of Central Arkansas campus after the deadly shootings there last Sunday night. Several Liberty-Eylau graduates (including my daughter) are students there and have really been shaken up by what they have seen and what they went through in the aftermath. The entire campus is doing their best to band together and hold on tight for the school they love so much - even through their fear. Please pray that God gives them the strength, comfort and courage to do just that.
  2. hey pinky - check your message box...
  3. WOW - it's so difficult trying to decide where to start.... I've watched you all play this game in some form or fashion since tee-ball. It has been my absolute honor! Words can never tell you how much I will miss seeing you all play together. I'll be lost - that's for sure. I know the true competitor's heart that beats within each one of you and there really is no consolation for you now. BUT - believe it or not - one day in the future, you girls will look back on this season - with all it's ups and downs - and you will be proud of yourselves for such a great accomplishment. I wish just a
  4. Congrats to the Devilettes on their 3A state title. Your girls and your coaches played a smart, hard-fought game and you executed very well. Enjoy!
  5. Getting everything ready to hit the highway headed South! Good Luck Maud Lady Cardinals this morning! Give 'em all you got! Lady Leopards - see you in about 6 hours.....
  6. Bosqueville takes on Clyde Eula, Thursday, May 29, 8:30 am Maud takes on Shiner, Thursday, May 29, 11:00 am GOOD LUCK LADY CARDS!!!
  7. S & S Consolidated takes on Coahoma, Thursday, May 29, 2:00 pm Harmony takes on East Bernard, Thursday, May 29, 4:30 pm GOOD LUCK LADY EAGLES!!!
  8. OK EastUnit - good things happen for confused parents..... haha You better get you a good nap before that son of yours graduates.... it'll be a long night on the road. Burkburnett takes on Huntington - Thursday, May 29, 7:30 pm Liberty-Eylau takes on Medina Valley - Friday, May 30, 8:30 am LET'S GO LADY LEOPARDS!!!
  9. watznext

    Need Advice

    ROTFLMAO - East, you SO crack me up..... I hate everybody doesn't know you as well as I do - 'cause you are one funny man.... :lol: Give that kid a hug from me after graduation - and tell him to yell really loud when they call my kid's name since she won't be there... Love ya lots Class of 2008!! We'll try our best to make sure we're still around on Saturday so you can come then.... KALE
  10. This series was a GREAT testament to the local East Texas talent! All of these girls really did ET proud and congratulations are well due all of them.... :happy65: Great Job Lady Leopards and Lady Panthers! :notworthy: Gotta love those big cats!!!
  11. watznext

    Need Advice

    LOL - you probably better pose that dilemma to your wife.... you still have to live with her too... HAHA
  12. Since we'll miss graduation scheduled for this coming Thursday.... all the senior girls and parents talked with our Superintendent after the game tonight. There will be a pep rally at the LE softball field Tuesday night at 8:00 pm. Our senior girls will wear their caps and gowns and have a graduation ceremony at the field. Then they'll board the bus for Austin Wednesday morning. Good Luck Lady Leopards! We'll be right behind you!
  13. Great gut-check efforts by both teams. Congratulations Spring Hill Lady Panthers - you have a great team and put up a heckuva fight. Classy fans and coaches that crossed the field to congratulate the LE girls and wish them the best of luck next week. LADY LEOPARDS!!! We love you! Kaylee Treas - what can I say? You have been a force in every game helping to get us on the bus next week. What a couple of series you've had the last two weeks. I can see your Daddy's smile from here..... Two more games Lady Leopards! Give me all you've got - one game at a time - two more games!!!
  14. Great game last night! Spring Hill has some great defense and speed on the base paths. Stay focused Lady Leopards! Nothing less than your best - we believe in you!
  15. About 3 hours to go..... Get on your GAME FACE Lady Leopards!!! :coolball: We Love You!
  16. Congratulations to all the girls honored on the 17-2A All-District Softball Teams !!! Overall MVP - Erin Jones (SR) - New Boston :notworthy: Gary Miller - New Boston - Coach of the Year Laura Raney (JR) - New Boston - Offensive Player of the Year Alicia Washington (JR) - Linden Kildare - Defensive Player of the Year Chelsea Ivy (FR) - Queen City - Newcomer of the Year 1st Team - Krystall Capps (JR) - pitcher - New Boston Taryn Missildine (JR) - pitcher - Redwater Lauren Hendrix (SO) - catcher - Linden Kildare Keely Bell (SO) - first base - Redwater Brooke Duffe
  17. Great job Lady Cards! Keep it rolling!
  18. I think the 22-2 is just Middlebrooks' record. She missed some pre-season softball games during basketball season.
  19. I looked at the article in our local paper from the Saturday after the LE/FW series. Adding the numbers from that series to the numbers mentioned in your post would have Middlebrooks at 22-2 on the year, with 332 strikeouts in 132 innings (I think). mrknowitall will have more specific info about her ERA, etc... There's another thread below about "Returning Pitchers" that can give you some insight to your last question. Erin Kipp (sophomore from Bullard) and Alexis Cantu (sophomore from Frisco Wakeland) were both very good.
  20. Congratulations Lady Lions! You girls have shown once again that heart means a lot in this game. Hold your heads high and come back into the 3A district with us next year with the same fight and focus you've always had.... Erin - I may just have to hit Hwy. 59 and come see what great things you'll do for ETBU! Play on girl - play on....
  21. reported on another board to be: Game 1: Thursday, May 22 - 7pm - @ New Boston HS Game 2: Friday, May 23 - 5:30pm - @ Hallsville HS Game 3: 30 minutes after Game 2, if necessary
  22. Good Luck Lady Lions from LE.... we're rooting for you all the way! :clap:
  23. I think the rubber game for this one has been moved to 12:00 noon on Saturday in Sulphur Springs...
  24. check out: WakelandSoftball
  25. Sulphur Springs Thursday, May 15 - 7pm Friday, May 16 - 7pm Saturday - if needed - not sure of the time yet
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