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  1. Are Kevin and Keith Sprinkles the same person?
  2. This thread is going to get ugly. And locked. In before that happens.
  3. That is wanting out bad. Farmersville, I get. I'm sure he applied for Anna and others, but La Pryor??? Does he have a Son coming up?
  4. All I can say is WOW!!! LaPryor???
  5. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/sports/hs/article/West-Hardin-football-leaving-UIL-in-2021-15868461.php
  6. Actually, I'm hearing Francis Neagley.....
  7. Ponder did not get the Farmersville job.
  8. I think you have hit the nail on the head. The quality of assistant coaches at Tyler High is not good enough to win games with coaching. I respect the heck out of Coach Holmes, and loyalty is a great attribute for a leader to have. However, I think he has too many "YES" men surrounding him. Too many of their coaches have been given a position group without proving they deserve it based on a track record. Not enough fundamentals are being taught to take advantage of the athletes they have.
  9. Hushpuppies is DANG good, highly recommend. I eat there every time I go to Henderson.
  10. Based on tradition alone, Gilmer wins by 10.
  11. I would say conditioning and physicality in practice are two completely different animals.
  12. QB play will always be a determining factor in a teams success or lack therof. Wear and tear on the body usually is the cause of "freak" injuries. Nobody knows how much of an impact practice has on a young persons body and it definitely differs based on the individual and their physical make up. However, just because the injuries did not occur in a game, does not mean that they weren't caused by over taxing the kids body in practice.
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