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  1. Literally nobody knows what the long term effects are going to be. Literally nobody knows how many people have actually been infected by this disease. Literally nobody knows what the actual death toll is from this disease. The real questions are..... Are we going to let this disease control our lives going forward? Is this the end all, be all of diseases? Can we live our lives and still stay safe? Is football really going to have a greater impact on the loss of lives than rioting, protest marches, sexual orientation celebrations and political rallies?
  2. This was posted in the locked "WFAA reports Dallas ISD shuts down football" thread. Pretty interesting perspective and very accurate from what I am hearing. Shutting down schools and going the virtual learning route may have a greater negative impact on the future than the virus. posted by d0tc0m "I work in administration at a school outside of Springfield, MO — would be a 4A Div. II school for context — and we are having on-going, ever-changing conversations and planning meetings on the coming fall. There is a massive pushback and hesitancy to go full online virtual lea
  3. I think we will play. But, just like every other sport trying to get under way or planning for a season, there are going to be some strange, unprecedented scenarios that are going to have to be navigated.
  4. 6+4=10 I think....... With this new math stuff, you never know.
  5. That is some funny stuff right there, not accurate, but hilarious.
  6. No argument from me. Not saying things will be better or worse, just saying the new man will have a different "perspective."
  7. I have no idea what offense the new coach will run, and I really don't care, I just said he will have a different "perspective" on how things should be run.
  8. Guessing this will be a former Bulldog player with a much different "perspective" than the outgoing coaches.
  9. Some understand you @NATUREBOY98 others don't. But those talking about not buying the magazine (Dave Campbell's) or cancelling their subscription to DC Texas Football are off base. All Matt said was that PP needed to pay more if they wanted to keep the coach or attract as qualified a candidate, or cease to be a stepping stone. This is the truth, plain and simple facts. Coaching is still a business, the coach has a responsibility to his family and earning as much money as possible to set yourself up for retirement is a real thing.
  10. I wonder if the OC on the State Championship team throws his name in the running, or a former Defensive Coordinator that is also a Head Coach now wants to return to the Rock?
  11. I think so, Mike was bigger and stronger and had a cannon for an arm. He was stuck in a split back veer offense, but would have been a prolific passer and runner in today's spread concepts, he was not slow. I know Casey went to Arkansas and Mike went to SFA, but where they played in college was simply a product of the systems they played in and the time when they played. Mike was a DUDE.
  12. I will never understand this concept. Football and especially success in football, is nothing but a positive for a school district. It is obvious by looking at HP, SLC, Allen, Dallas Jesuit and others that you can be an incredible academic school and a football powerhouse at the same time. Doc G as you call him is a great guy, and he was the best QB ever to come out of Allen prior to Kyler Murray.
  13. Not a surprise, congratulations and good luck Coach Ross. Relationships matter.
  14. Who they gonna beat? Definitely not Allen or Longview, and probably not Lufkin, maybe JT, but......
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