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  1. Switch Woodville and Tarkington and I think you may have a winner.
  2. I know, just could not let it go without a response.
  3. Thank you Sir, I appreciate that. I understand the map making process. Just curious if our dedicated District/Region map builder would be supplying us with his wisdom this realignment.
  4. Just waiting for the realignment gurus with the Maps of the State of Texas and the color coordinated pins for each District and region. Anybody remember who the they map guru is?
  5. Whoever made their non district schedule was not real friendly. Diboll, Brook Hill, Huffman Hargrave and Liberty all are playoff teams and 2 are undefeated district champs. Then they played Jasper and Center in district. Not a schedule for success for a lot of people.
  6. I agree Carthage should have had it won. McNeely has closed games all season. Did he melt down?
  7. Who does Pleasant Grove play this weekend..................
  8. I think it was Hurricane Humberto or maybe Ike that ran a lot of people out of town. They never returned.
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