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  1. So somebody help me out figuring this If hooks wins either one of there last two games against Jefferson or Atlanta, then HS is in. Even if HS happens to lose against NB, that would only determine 3rd or 4th for HS, and the only thing HS doesn't want is for Hooks to lose both then it would go to a 5 way tie and HS would be out. I's this close to right or am I wrong.
  2. This should be a good game, will be there supporting the Tigers
  3. Hard fought game by both teams we just couldn't get it done the second half. Congrats Gladewater y'all have a great team, good luck rest of way. Y'all have some big big boys
  4. Well game day, I know we going against a bigger faster team, but hell we always are. Things will have to go our way, no stupid penalties, fumbles and good blocking from our O line. I think we keep it close and make good game of it and come out with the W.
  5. They gonna struggle with the Mustangs, especially after I give the refs there case of corn dogs.
  6. Congrats on win Gladewater sounded like hell of a game. Gonna be tough for HS but hope we can keep it close and find a way to win in the end, I know the boys will give it all they got.
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